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Posted: January 16, 2018 in General, Planet X (Nibiru), TV & Movies

It dawned on me today that Lars Von Trier´s “Melancholia” (2011) is way more than a film about depression, it deals with the end of the world. This one is for Planet X researchers, no doubt. No happy ending in this one. Kirsten Dunst has the lead role but the entire cast is excellent.

Watch the official trailer here.


The physicist that has broken ranks and are now presenting material on Planet X has created her own Channel on YouTube. This is good news. I think this may be why they are Chemtrailing the hell out of our skies. In one way or another, this is all connected.

You will find the Rogue Physicist Channel here.

Planet X News

Posted: July 1, 2017 in General, Planet X (Nibiru)

The Planet X News YouTube Channel is doing excellent work and yesterday Scott welcomed the “Rogue Physicist” to America. The Doctor in question was ousted from her job at a university in South Africa because of vicious trolls (some may well be payed to do harm). Now she has resettled in America to continue her work and she has started to write a book on her research. Meanwhile, loads of Planet X Channels are appearing on YouTube that is just crap, some clearly done by people for profit or to harm the good channels. There may be an effort to silence this information and we need to be clear about this, and to the ramifications. No smoke without fire.

Listen to yesterdays transmission here.

Experts warn that Italian Supervolcano Campi Flegrei could erupt at any moment. As I read about this in mainstream news I am also following what is being discussed in underground media regarding this general situation that we are in now. At this point, I think these people are right on the money. It is all about the Sun and unusual goings on in Space.

Listen to this discussion, I have a lot of respect for these people.


Breaking news. This is a good chat (well over two hours) in which a Phycisist Professor discuss her findings regarding Planet X research. She has written many papers in private that has been published anonymously via YouTube, got attacked and outed at work by unknown people (cover-up in the works I would say) but now she is out in public and her many papers are now looked at by her peers. In other words, this is pretty big news. This is an awakening. Something is going on and we are not being told about it.

View the discussion here.


Shot a week ago in Canada, we have yet another film of interest to watch and wonder about. See the film, listen to the testimony, you be the judge.

Watch it here.


Major earthquakes every day now. Fireballs in the sky. Amateurs catching raw footage that is shared on YouTube to be discussed by the Nibiru Community within hours. Yes, this is not going to go away.

Watch Skywatch Media Report here. Raw footage from Norway here.