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Steve Olson over at the WSO YouTube Channel has just posted a report with some amazing footage. Ladies and gentlemen, things are going on here that might well explain everything that is going to hell here on earth. The strange weather, the record number of vulcanoes awakening, the countless earthquakes… Come on now, you know something is up. The WSO Channel is one of the best out there and there is much to see. This is cutting edge stuff. Forget mainstram media, nobody is going to go public about this.

Check out this report here.


If you have a couple of days off you may want to take some time out and check out the YouTube report on Planet X/Nibiru that was aired a couple of days ago on several channels. Steve Olson, Wayne Steiger, Jeff P, David Dobbs and Scott Cóne gathered to discuss the subject and to highlight some of the best evidence. Now these guys are brilliant and this is cutting edge stuff although at the moment it is underground. Might not be for long though, just sayin…

Check it out here.


Prep Aussie has just added a video with some good stuff collected from different sources on his YouTube Channel. How about a film with not one, but two setting Suns? It begins with that and continues with Comets, crazy Chemtrailing and the whole nine yards. People, there is so much stuff added on YouTube on a daily basis now that it is simply staggering. Something is going on here and Joe Public is starting to pay attention…

View the video here.


Rex Bear is a great independent journalist and he has created an outlet called Leak Project in which he presents news and interviews. Rex just added a two hour long interview with former science journalist and Planet X researcher/author Marshall Masters to the Leak Project YouTube Channel that is well worth listening to. The interview actually opens up with Marshall describing why news outlets like CNN (that he used to work for) has gone down in flames. The rest is mainly about survivalism in case of a worst case scenario.

Listen to the interview here. Visit the Leak Project site here.


You will not hear about this from NASA (Never A Straight Answer, as somebody called them), but it would seem that our Solar System is reacting to something in a big way. The Steiger/Olson team is at the absolute cutting edge regarding all this, and my advice to you guys is that you start to pay attention to what is going on here. Every single day something new pops up, and Earth is taking a beating. Unbelievable.

Watch the “Jupiter Moves” report that was posted yesterday here.


If you look for answers, there are times when they will be hidden in the little details. President Obama signed the National Near-Earth Object Preparedness Strategy in December. It wasn´t that long ago since we heard of the creation of the Armageddon Office and we have seen interesting activity in legislation ever since. Meanwhile, Caltech has confirmed that an unknown object in Space should explain why our system i tilting (yes, tilting!). In fact, it would seem that something is sucking energy out of our Sun and bursts of energy is coming in that is overwhelming Earth defenses (knocking out our magnetic protective shield over and over) and all of this is adding a lot of stress to our environment that is now resulting in massive earthquake activity, as well as volcanos awakening all over the planet. Add reports about sinkholes, animal death occurences etc and you should begin to wonder. And now we have loads of Space Rocks coming in, many barely missing Earth as they pass us by (one of them, big as a skyscraper, passed us by with no warning just a few days ago). Has something out there disturbed the Kuiper Belt?

In any case, things are adding up and R. Wayne Steiger added a good report on the new Preparedness Strategy and what it all means on his YouTube page yesterday. Check it out here.


Paul Begley is doing a fine job shedding light on what is going on in this world, and the January 11 broadcast was very interesting as he interviewed BPEarthWatch about everything that is going on in Space right now and how this is affecting the Earth. Listen to the show right here.

Meanwhile, Caltech did confirm that a very large unknown planet is tilting our neighborhood not long ago, pretty much confirming Planet X (also called Planet 9 or Nibiru). Why that was not major news I don´t know. Read their report here.

Things are going on here that are not good.