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People are catching interesting things in our skies on camera. Watch this clip.

We live in interesting times.

Following this is exciting as hell. But you also tend to lose a lot of respect for mainstream media. Today our Physicist over at the Planet X News Channel analyze the latest photographs from around the Sun. Yep, our Sun has got company. It could be that the people in the know are following what is going on not sure about where all this is going. Not the best situation to go public then. Still, people are starting to notice that things are not quite normal.

View todays report here.

Screw Paris. This is what is going on (in my opinion). And we have a physicist analyzing it on YouTube today. Just sayin.

Check it out here.

Lisa Haven reports that Donald Trump has received a letter from Rick Perry, Secretary of Energy (US Department of Energy) claiming that there will be a high risk of earthquakes going off in the next couple of decades due to Sun activity. Of course the truth is that the Stats are off the charts even as we speak. View the report here.

I told you we had issues with the Sun. I also believe that the Physicist on the Planet X News Channel is the most accurate source of what is going on right now. There is a reason why our Sun is behaving like this. Listen to the May 26 show here.

We live in interesting times.

Following the Planet X News Channel right now is darned interesting. Check out this report that was aired a few hours ago right here.

Just sayin…

Ray of light

Posted: May 21, 2017 in General, Planet X (Nibiru), Prepping

Very interesting conversation about the Sun, the rising havoc on Earth etc on the Planet X News YouTube page on May 18. Everything is out of wack but the Physicist that is presenting her thoughts through this Channel is – like the presenter says – a ray of light. She has payed a high price (she has lost her job due to outside pressure), some people do not like this at all. You should know that no other Channel on all this has this information, this healthy debate. There are many of them but only a handful is right on the money. We owe her a lot.

Listen to the May 18 broadcast here.

Experts warn that Italian Supervolcano Campi Flegrei could erupt at any moment. As I read about this in mainstream news I am also following what is being discussed in underground media regarding this general situation that we are in now. At this point, I think these people are right on the money. It is all about the Sun and unusual goings on in Space.

Listen to this discussion, I have a lot of respect for these people.