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Posted: September 11, 2017 in General, Planet X (Nibiru), Prepping

Biggest X-flare in recent times (big enough for experts to fall off their chairs) bolted off the Sun a few hours ago. Had it come our way our civilization would have died. But that is not all… I think these guys are right on the money. Watch report here.

We live in interesting times.


Scary times

Posted: September 8, 2017 in General, Planet X (Nibiru), Prepping

The Earth was colored purple (I think it was yesterday), as seen from the Space Station recently. Very rare. But so is the weather, the countless earthquakes, the volcanoes that are going off etc (the stats are through the roof). I think it is all related to the Sun and what is going on in our Solar System. I think there is a gigantic cover up in place. I could be wrong but something is just not right. Seriously, and I am not joking around when I say this, now is the time to prepare for worst case scenarios. Watch your backs folks.

Watch purple Earth report here.

Planet X history (2)

Posted: August 28, 2017 in General, Planet X (Nibiru)

Another episode on Planet X history was posted on the Planet X News Channel yesterday, and for those of you that listened to the first part the other day it is pretty interesting. How about dead scientists?

Check it out here.

Planet X history

Posted: August 26, 2017 in General, Planet X (Nibiru)

If you have a few hours to kill today or this weekend, may I suggest that you check out some of this Planet X stuff? Maybe it will draw you in? In any case, they presented a good historic overview today over at the Nibiru Planet X News Channel, and a chap called Daniel Ott has interviewed John Moore on his quite recently. No smoke without fire, that is what I think of all this.

Watch the historic overview here, and the John Moore interview here.

This is beyond scary at this point. What the hell is going on? Check out the latest discussion over at the Nibiru Planet X News YouTube Channel, you will need three hours. Every week we have amazing footage and new information. And still nothing in mainstream media.

Watch this report here.

If you are awake to what is going on out there, or if you are starting to figure out that something is not quite right with our skies, there are YouTube Channels that you need to follow. Matt Rogers of Sky Watcher Nibiru in the UK is showing us hundreds of films and pictures from people all over the world and when you look at this there is no going back to sleep is it? I highly recommend his Channel.

Meanwhile, I am glad that Prep Aussie is back over in Australia. He looks at the overall picture and he is a very clever guy.

Go to the Sky Watcher Nibiru Channel here, visit Prep Aussie here.

So we have a number of objects around our Sun by the looks of it and this is causing problems. Meanwhile we have massive Chemtrailing going on and you have to wonder if this is done to block the view of the Sun? Would people panic if they saw what is going on? Would the banks collapse? Hell, would you bother going to work if you had money and suddenly saw this? Well, at least I can see why they are trying so hard to cover this up.

Watch yesterdays live streaming with the Rogue Physicist, Prep Aussie and Scott here.