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Are we in trouble? Our Sun is behaving very erratic and it may be reacting to at least one new neighbour in our Solar System, but perhaps we have entered an area with several so called Brown Dwarfs (cooled down Suns). This could well explain the current behaviour of our Sun, our planet Earth etc. If authorities know, they certainly have no intention of telling us. But the lid is about to be removed and Scientists will soon have one hell of a debate to deal with.

Listen to what is going on right here. This is cutting edge stuff.


Breaking news. This is a good chat (well over two hours) in which a Phycisist Professor discuss her findings regarding Planet X research. She has written many papers in private that has been published anonymously via YouTube, got attacked and outed at work by unknown people (cover-up in the works I would say) but now she is out in public and her many papers are now looked at by her peers. In other words, this is pretty big news. This is an awakening. Something is going on and we are not being told about it.

View the discussion here.


Shot a week ago in Canada, we have yet another film of interest to watch and wonder about. See the film, listen to the testimony, you be the judge.

Watch it here.


Big likelyhood for big earthquakes and volkanoes going off in the next few days. You will not hear about this in mainstream news, but from people that follow the Planet X controversy. Also, NASA now actively covering up certain events.

View this report on Planet X News here. NASA cover-up data on BPEarthWatch here.


Steve Olson over at the WSO YouTube Channel has just posted a report with some amazing footage. Ladies and gentlemen, things are going on here that might well explain everything that is going to hell here on earth. The strange weather, the record number of vulcanoes awakening, the countless earthquakes… Come on now, you know something is up. The WSO Channel is one of the best out there and there is much to see. This is cutting edge stuff. Forget mainstram media, nobody is going to go public about this.

Check out this report here.


If you have a couple of days off you may want to take some time out and check out the YouTube report on Planet X/Nibiru that was aired a couple of days ago on several channels. Steve Olson, Wayne Steiger, Jeff P, David Dobbs and Scott Cóne gathered to discuss the subject and to highlight some of the best evidence. Now these guys are brilliant and this is cutting edge stuff although at the moment it is underground. Might not be for long though, just sayin…

Check it out here.


Prep Aussie has just added a video with some good stuff collected from different sources on his YouTube Channel. How about a film with not one, but two setting Suns? It begins with that and continues with Comets, crazy Chemtrailing and the whole nine yards. People, there is so much stuff added on YouTube on a daily basis now that it is simply staggering. Something is going on here and Joe Public is starting to pay attention…

View the video here.