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Norwegian author Kjell Hallbing (1934-2004), more well known as Louis Masterson, wrote 83 Morgan Kane western novels in his day, selling 20.000.000 copies worldwide. Of these, 11.000.000 were sold in Norway, making him one of the all time greats in his native country. Amazingly, the series is still going strong after all these years in Norway, and I bought a copy of a current edition a couple of years ago – “Morgan Kane og smugglerne” (Aller, 2010). I also discovered a Q&A book about Morgan Kane by author Olav Bakken, “Spöreboka om Morgan Kane” (Transit, 1997) that is still in print. 300 questions answered about the hero and his adventures.

Got to love it.


The Blackfoot Trail

Posted: August 2, 2013 in Books, Paperbacks - western


Building a fresh Wild West library and author Charles G. West is very prolific with several titles available, all with top notch covers as well. I have bought four of his books so far and showcased here is “The Blackfoot Trail” (Signet, 2009). Author Ralph Compton salutes his colleague on the cover, which is nice.

The other three titles I have so far are “A Man Called Sunday”, “Thunder Over Lolo Pass” and “Left Hand of The Law”. No mention of the cover artist(s?), which is a shame.

Good to see the old library grow.

Elmore Leonard

Posted: July 30, 2013 in Books, Paperbacks - western


I like the fact that Harper Torch (Western) are bringing back classic titles by Elmore Leonard. This one, “The Law at Randado” (1954) came out in 2002 and is still in print. The current covers are good too, for books like “Hombre”, “Valdez Is Coming” and “The Bounty Hunters”.

I think a small collection of these will sit nicely in my growing Wild West library.

The Trailsman 379

Posted: June 10, 2013 in Books, Paperbacks - western


Got this today, book 379 in The Trailsman series from Signet Western (Jon Sharpe is in fact several authors these days). I like this series and with 12 books a year you can build a collection fairly quickly. The first book appeared back in 1980. The format here is pretty much what we used to get in Sweden back in the halcyon days of the western novel.

Love the covers. I think the publisher should mention who the artist is.

Redemption, Kansas

Posted: January 2, 2013 in Books, Paperbacks - western


Bill Harvey is a likeable character, thrown into action against his will but willing to fight for what is right. Redemption is the town that he arrives in, hurt after a cattle stampede, and that is how it all starts. Before you know it, there is action and suspense on every page. Can one young man save a town from evil? Turns out he can, and I enjoyed every fistfight, gunshot and twist in this tale. There is magic in these pages and I know you will feel the same if you have a soft spot for a classic tale set in the wild west.

I knew of James Reasoner for his excellent Rough Edges blog before I knew he was such a prolific writer. When I realised his history, I checked out what I could find in print on import and what really caught my eye was this brand new series from Berkley Books called Redemption, so I bought the first two (the third is due out in March), “Redemption, Kansas” (2011) and “Redemption: Hunters” (2012). I am happy to say, after having just read the first (with the second ready to go), that this series from Mr Reasoner has earned a permanent “must buy” status in this house.

I bought a lot of westerns in the 70´s but as the scene here in Sweden took a dive (and disappeared) I kind of lost touch with that world. For a long time, I thought that it was a thing of the past and was quite content buying old books if I could find some for the old collection.

Then a new era began as imports where suddenly easy to find. Anything on Amazon can be imported easily and within a week or two. Slowly, I started to find the kind of books that I had missed so much for the better part of three decades. It was a revelation, and a brand new collection got started.

I can´t tell you enough how much I enjoyed this title and I hope that there is an audience (hopefully, growing as we speak) out there to reward said writer and publisher for this enterprise. This is a scene worthy of an audience and perhaps I am not alone in rediscovering it right now?

The Rough Edges blog is a good place to start, if that is your wish. Plenty of good reading and links to explore.

The Trailsman

Posted: August 14, 2012 in Paperbacks - western

One could be forgiven for thinking that paperbacks that features westerns are a thing of the past, but there are still a few titles out there for the enthusiasts to discover. My personal favourite is Jon Sharpe´s The Trailsman, published by Signet Books on a monthly basis. The covers look smart (as they should), the action is unchanged from the good old days. Not sure if Jon Sharpe is one author or if this is done by several (after all, the books are released quite fast) that uses the name? In any case, it is a good series well worthy of your attention.