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Pulp crime series Hard Case Crime is getting some well deserved attention in America with a cover story in the November issue (154) of art, culture, design magazine JUXTAPOZ. The 12 page feature is written by Gwynned Vitello and what we get is a wonderful in depth interview with Hard Case Crime editor Charles Ardai, a few words from co-creator Max Phillips and a good look at some of the very best covers of the series so far. The cover of the magazine sports art from artist Michael Koelsch that will be featured on the upcoming novel “Borderline” (to be released in May 2014).

I did interview author Christa Faust for my publication TOP SECRET 2009, which is a story that I am very proud of. That interview has been part of this blog for some time.

JUXTAPOZ deserves a medal for this beautiful and brave article.


Hip Pocket Sleaze

Posted: October 4, 2013 in Books, Paperbacks - Pulps


I have enjoyed this book on and off for a few weeks now (busy days), and I have to say that I really like it. “Hip Pocket Sleaze” (Headpress, 2011) by author John Harrison obviously deals with a favourite subject of mine, as suggested by the title. Loads of facts and interviews with key people from an industry that once tested all boundaries and produced some amazing art. We will never see a time like this again, and the history of it all is quite fascinating.

I recommend this book to any fan of this scene.

So bad it was funny

Posted: September 11, 2013 in Books, Paperbacks - Pulps


Ted Mark is the author that wrote the Coxeman novels, the man (agent) from O.R.G.Y – John Stake was the Swedish translation. Me and my friends used to roar with laughter when we saw these books, they were just totally hilarious. So over the top that nothing has ever come close since (and of course, nobody would print anything like this these days). The thing is, the original books were quite typical for the genre, but the Swedish publisher must have decided to go as nuts as you possibly can, and get away with it. The covers were pretty good, usually a naked blonde in some uniform or other.

John Stake, agenten från PICK can be roughly translated to “John Cock – Agent of DICK”. On the back of these books you have a photograph of a dude surrounded by four naked ladies. Advertised as a crossing of Matt Helm, Casanova and Dr. Kinsey…

This book is a translation of the 1967 novel “Room At The Topless”. The Swedish title can be roughly tanslated to “The Six Shooter From Pickirosa” (Pickirosa being a rude hint at Ponderosa). This was book seven in Sweden, printed in 1969.

I did a Google search and found a number of posts on Swedish blogs, so it would seem that the series has reached a certain immortality after all.

Black Amazon of Mars

Posted: August 29, 2013 in Books, Paperbacks - Pulps


Added this title to the old collection this summer, “Black Amazon of Mars” (Wildside Press, 2010) by author Leigh Brackett. It sports three novels by Leigh from various Pulp magazines, the main one from Planet Stories (March 1951), “A World is Born” from Comet Stories (July 1941) and “Child of the Sun”, also from Planet Stories (Spring 1942). One can assume that the cover was originally printed for the Mars edition of the 1951 Planet Stories title, but that is a guess on my side.

Leigh Brackett went on to considerable fame, including work on movies like “The Big Sleep”, “Rio Bravo”, “El Dorado” and “The Empire Strikes Back”.

The Red Scarf

Posted: August 2, 2013 in Books, Paperbacks - Pulps


Got this recently, Gil Brewer´s classic 1958 novel “The Red Scarf” (New Pulp Press, 2010), with very ballsy cover art by Richie Fahey. It looks like a book that has been read a few times, but that is part of the layout. Very cool.

There is still life in the old Pulp mines.

I Prefer Girls

Posted: August 2, 2013 in Books, Paperbacks - Pulps


Here is another classic title that has seen re-print recently, Jessie Dumont´s 1963 novel “I Prefer Girls” (Blackbird Books, 2013). Great cover by artist Robert Maguire. In fact, the book looks and feels exactly the same as the Gil Brewer title mentioned above (same printer perhaps?).

Good to see classic stuff like this again.

Modesty Blaise

Posted: June 29, 2013 in Books, Paperbacks - Pulps


Modesty Blaise officially turned 50 on May 13, which flew under my radar at the time but now that I know about it… Peter O´Donnells creation was first printed as a comic strip in UK newspaper The Evening Standard on this date back in 1963. A couple of years later he wrote a novel to tie in with a movie (see cover) and in the decades that followed his heroine would only grow bigger in stature.

Modesty Blaise still has her own comic book in Sweden, which I will be glad to present to you soon on this blog.