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Big fan of Frank Frazetta. So I can enjoy The Fantasy Art of Frazetta 2017 Calendar.

Got to listen to Molly Hatchet now…


Now here is a goodie that touches my heart deeply when I see it. The Carl Larsson 2017 Calendar certainly has the potential to sell like crazy here in Sweden. He lived between 1853 and 1919 and everybody just loves his art here. He captured the soul of the Swedish people when he painted his home and family etc and now those lovely paintings are an important part of our national heritage.

I will try to get one of these to the old collection.


Well this is interesting. Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell´s Fantasy 2017 Calendar ought to sell by the truckloads.

Good one.


I love this one, Greg Hildebrandt´s American Beauties 2017 Calendar. The guy is obviously a great artist.

Top notch.


I really like the Rodney Matthews 2017 Calendar. I can see some wonderful art that I recall from some Classic Rock albums of the past.



Word has reached me today that artist Jack Davis passed away on July 24. He was 91. I grew up with his cartoons, all the great MAD covers etc. I mean, the guy was way up there. Seen here is MAD (issue) 169, published in September 1974. Classic stuff.

He will not be forgotten.


Another “Sex And Horror” title, this one titled “The Art of Alessandro Biffignandi” (Korero Press, 2016). Italian Pulp master Biffignandi clearly deserves a book and here it is. This is all new stuff to me but I am more than impressed. I would have bought all these magazines if they had existed over here back in the day. 162 pages.

Seriously badass.