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Release the Kraken

Posted: January 20, 2018 in General, Paintings and art

Here is one of the hundreds of memes that are flooding Twitter right now. See the “Q” post.

Russians blamed. Told you so…

Epic struggle in real time.


This is the year!

Posted: January 18, 2018 in General, Paintings and art

Allied propaganda poster from 1944 (courtesy of the National Army Museum).

One of the first things I noticed about the Babymetal community is how much fun they have together. I have to go back to the Xena days and the Xenaverse (20 years ago now) to get close to what the fans of Babymetal are up to right now. I noticed the fan art in which they mutated classic album covers and morphed them into Kawaii Metal masterworks, and I think this scene is quite lovely. And so much fun. Clearly, some of these covers are just as good as the originals and that is quite an homage to how powerful these were back in the day. It is like the Mandela Effect (see categories) has changed history. When you view these covers it is clear that Kawaii Metal could have happened decades ago, it was just waiting for the right moment to crash the gates. And that had to be the one and only Babymetal.

(Big thank you to the creators of these works)

Added David Roach´s “Masters Of Spanish Comic Book Art” (Dynamite, 2017) to the old collection today. 276 pages in hardback. This is truly an awesome book for fans of classic comics and great art in general. Vampirella cover art by Enrich.

Not cheap, but worth every dollar, yen or krona for sure.


Big fan of Frank Frazetta. So I can enjoy The Fantasy Art of Frazetta 2017 Calendar.

Got to listen to Molly Hatchet now…


Now here is a goodie that touches my heart deeply when I see it. The Carl Larsson 2017 Calendar certainly has the potential to sell like crazy here in Sweden. He lived between 1853 and 1919 and everybody just loves his art here. He captured the soul of the Swedish people when he painted his home and family etc and now those lovely paintings are an important part of our national heritage.

I will try to get one of these to the old collection.


Well this is interesting. Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell´s Fantasy 2017 Calendar ought to sell by the truckloads.

Good one.