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(Trinkelbonker 2019)

Completed the fifth Babymetal binder today, another 110 pages with stuff from all over the world. Seen here is a spread from Japanese publication PMC #15, published a couple of months ago. Babymetal just performed the last show of the year in Japan (with the classic Kami Band) and they will be back for the East Meets West shows on January 25-26 in Japan before heading to Europe and Stockholm (February 3). The countdown is on.

(My shot of said binder)


David Coverdale has put up a new Whitesnake video (about a week ago) with the track “Hey You (You Make Me Rock)”. Live scenes over the studio version from the “Flesh & Blood” album.


And from Russia we have a rather nice Symphonic Rock band called Imperial Age. They have crowdfunded a new video (of the last studio album that was released in 2018) for the song “The Legacy Of Atlantis”. This will serve them well and I quite like their style. They have also released a live album called “Live In Wroclaw” back in August and they have a UK Tour lined up in April 2020.


Revell has issued a Spitfire MKII in 1:32 that should interest fans of Iron Maiden. It is called Aces High and you do get Eddie with it. Iron Maiden performed with a Spitfire over their heads on their last tour, so this is appropriate. I bet the guys in the band loves this.


Fans of big dioramas should enjoy the new Stalingrad Siege 1942 Battle Set in 1:72. You get a tractor factory, tanks, the lot. Italeri is really the leader of the pack when we are talking about diorama sets now.

UK publications Rock Candy #17 and Airfix Model World #110 popped up this week. The Glenn Hughes cover (and 14 page cover story) is the best thing that Rock Candy has ever produced. I know that Glenn will be very happy about how well it turned out. Rock Candy deals exclusively with nostalgia and it has worked out fine for them (considering that we already had Classic Rock on the market). I guess Airfix Model World caters to pretty much the same crowd. Always a good read and very inspirational.

(My image of said magazines)

Man Cave Update

Posted: December 20, 2019 in Cool stuff, Hobby, My countryside dream

The music room /library in the basement is still a work in progress, although most of it is in place. Good to finally have a proper space for the LP collection. Not much to do down there now except adding a small office in that storage room next to this space. The lighting will be better once I have taken care of the electrics in the house. Big job.

Good to have some work in 2020 though, the ideas are slowly taking shape.

(My image)

Catching up

Posted: December 20, 2019 in Babymetal, Classic Rock, Cool stuff, Hobby

Just completed the fourth Babymetal binder, 124 pages covering 2018 and into the “Metal Galaxy” period this year. Three completed binders in a very short time is not that bad and I will open up the fifth now as well. With this I will have catched up and can do this in real time from now on (making it way easier). I have decided to save the magazines that are either too small or to big for the A4 format (like Hedoban, Nylon and Rolling Stone). The rest is all in there now and it looks great. Easy access to a lot of Babymetal history here.

And today we are also very happy to celebrate Su-metal on her 22nd birthday. Happy Birthday!

(My image of said binder – Fakker! stuff from the Czech Republic highlighted here, #11 2019)

Big Bang Theory Nostalgia

Posted: December 20, 2019 in Cool stuff, Hobby, TV & Movies

Here is another game for a snowy day, the Trivial Pursuit Big Bang Theory Edition. I just watched the final episode of this excellent sitcom a couple of weeks ago.

(My shot of said box)