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Got the first two copies of RETROFUTURE 7 in the mail from the printers yesterday and I am very happy about it. Tonight, cover boy (guitarist/singer) Michael Mojo Nilsson came by and picked up a copy. Took a few snapshots in my living room (yes, that is Vampirella on my wall!). The Mojo interview is featured on this blog as an exclusive preview (see Classic Rock Interviews).

The countdown is on…

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Got some lovely feedback from a gentleman that used to be a member of the old DEEP PURPLE FOREVER club the other day. He had checked out what I am up to these days and read some recent RETROFUTURE stuff. I was happy to see that he thought that the Tornado Blaze novel (published in two magazines last year) was “astounding!” and that the variety of the stuff I create these days is so big. “More is more” he said, quoting a famous Yngwie Malmsteen interview.

I really appreciate feedback, especially from people that has connected with my output long ago. I would say that RETROFUTURE is largely unknown to the old Purple crowd, which is a bit sad. Especially since I never stopped supporting Purple.

Thank you Erik.

(Archive photo of model Ellinor Nordbakk as Tornado Blaze, July 2012)


Friends of this blog will know that I like books, and by the response I keep getting when I post a book review so do a lot of you. It is by far the most common source for feedback and for people following this blog.

I just wanted to point this out, I find it quite interesting.

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Got the cover

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Well, this was a surprise. Did the interview the day before yesterday and found myself on the cover of local newspaper ÖP this morning. Nice coverage, but I can not help to think that there must have been a slow newsday or something… Still, nice plug for RETROFUTURE and Fredrik Alverland is always a pleasure to meet.

This blog gets a mention as well, much appreciated.

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Got the new Tommy Bolin Calendar for 2014 in the mail today, courtesy of Trace Keane who works with the Bolin family in Sioux City. I also received a few snapshots of Johnnie Bolin (holding RETROFUTURE 6 – western edition) from Trace around Christmas.

Thank you – I appreciate it.

(Images courtesy of Trace Keane)


My friend Maciek Szatko over in Poland, who contributed with an article about the classic tv-series Stawka to RETROFUTURE 6 (Western edition), has just sent me some images taken last weekend when friends of his from the Fan Club met with actor Stanislaw Mikulski. Seen here is the president of the club, Bogdan, with Mikulski getting the magazine and signing a couple of issues to Maciek and to yours truly. Now, that is an honour! Also seen here is a couple of shots on a tv-screen captured by Maciek.

The three page story about Stawka in RETROFUTURE 6 is something that I am very proud of. The show was a great success here in Sweden (as Kapten Kloss) when I was a kid and I have fond memories of watching it with my grandmother Agnes. Books and comics were also popular for some time. Nobody has written about this show for ages here, but we changed all that with this issue, the 100´th anniversary publication. I tend to ask people what they thought about the latest magazine, and the Stawka article has come up several times in such conversations. I like that. Mission accomplished!

(Big thanks to Maciek & The Stake´s Fans)

The Deep Purple party is getting quite a lot of attention among fans around the world – Deep Purple Overseas has posted the link to the last post about the upcoming event on Facebook a few hours ago and as a result this blog has an average of 492 visitors per hour right now. And that is an official record for Trinkelbonker. Around 300 was the highest until today. The thought does occur to me that Trinkelbonker must be one of the most visited blogs in my county Jämtland at the moment. No major cities around here. Not too much competition outside of a couple of newspapers etc.

I would like to welcome any new visitors to this blog now. Back in the fan club days, I published many Deep Purple magazines here in Sweden. This interest makes this a very “Purple friendly” blog, but it really is a blog for people that share my general interests (or a few of them). Just having a bit of fun here.

Thank you for the interest.