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Huge news from the Babymetal camp today. The third album will be titled “Metal Galaxy” and it will be released on October 11 in various formats. Also, a full European Tour will kick off in Stockholm (Sweden) on February 3 2020 (17 dates in all, first dates ever in Scandinavia and Russia). They have a month off after the US Tour this Fall and then they take on Japan again with four massive shows at Saitama Super Arena (November 16-17) and Osaka Jo Hall (November 20-21). I fully expect 2020 to be the busiest year ever.

Three backup members have been chosen to appear as “the third girl” for future shows. One of them appeared in Yokohama today. Babymetal premiered three new songs, two that has never been heard before (plus the new Single “Pa Pa Ya!!”). In a few hours (as I write this), the second Yokohama gig takes place, then they are off to perform at the Glastonbury Festival in the UK on Sunday. Needless to say, this is a Babymetal weekend for me.

(Image & album cover from official sources)


Got to love eBay. Sooner or later you will find what you desire, and I just landed the Babymetal Fan Club (The One) Box “Live At Tokyo Dome” (2016). Two complete concerts (four CDs and two Blu-rays), a superb Photo Book and more. These boxes are expensive now, but just wait for a few years and the price tag will be astronomical. I already own the official Blu-ray that came out in Japan (why not worldwide is beyond me), but this the De Luxe one. The Photo Book is incredible. This is my fourth Babymetal Super Box from Japan, I hope to get more goodies later on. It is rather wonderful to collect this stuff.

(Thank you for your support Kalle)

(My image of said box)

Babymetal kicks off their activities in public tomorrow and the day after (June 28-29) with the massive “The Sun Also Rises” gigs at the Yokohama Arena in Japan. Then they head over to the UK to perform at the Glastonbury Festival on Sunday (June 30). BBC will broadcast the latter. The advertised Fan Club box “Apocrypha – The Chosen Seven” has been shipped and is now reaching (The One) members all over the world. It features two concerts (Download 2018 and Dark Night Carnival 2018) and Sabaton singer Joakim Brodén can be seen in “Meta Taro” on the main Blu-ray as he was invited to the stage at the Saitama Super Arena that night (Sabaton was one of two opening acts). The box also includes a new song on CD in a golden package, “Pa Pa Ya!!”. This is also being added throughout different regions in the world on YouTube today (no video, just audio). For this song to really be super exclusive to this box, it needs to stay there and not see official release on the next album. We shall see. Meanwhile, Yui Mizuno (that would be Yuimetal, whom left Babymetal last year) is doing well and is preparing her next move. This news came out of a shareholders meeting that was held recently at Amuse HQ. Apparently, she will still be handled by her old company. She turned 20 on June 20. Moa Kikuchi (Moametal), who is still in Babymetal alongside Suzuka Nakamoto (Su-metal) will be 20 on July 4. Next weekends Nagoya shows are dedicated to her. Fans will also be able to see these shows in 40 movie theaters across Japan.

I still feel that they are holding a surprise card close to their chests. I fully expect a brand new track with a very high budget video to appear before the album is out. The DVD market (outside of Japan) needs to be taken care of as well, that is long overdue now.

Good times.

From Germany we have this Vinyl compilation titled “Schlager – der 60er Jahre” (I think we can all figure out what that means). Well I like some of these old songs (not least Nana Mouskouri) and I liked the cover so why not add it to the old collection? I was born in 1961 so this stuff (or some of it) was on the radio when I was running around pretending I was Errol Flynn in the backyard with the other kids. This was way before me discovering Deep Purple in 1971 and way, way, way before Babymetal. But there is room for a lot of good stuff in this old heart.

(My image of said Vinyl)


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The Kal-El Vinyl of the 2015 album “Ecosphere” (just rereleased through Argonauta Records) has arrived safely. Turned out to be on purple Vinyl as well, which came as an added bonus for me. I like their early Sabbath type style and the Sci-Fi angle. I also want to mention the excellent Iron Maiden bookazine from the publishers of Classic Rock and Metal Hammer. Superb cover and plenty of interesting history inside. Iron Maiden did it their way and I respect that. Saw them in 1983 in Stockholm and it was a really energetic show.

(My image of said items)

Local ale

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Just discovered that there is a local ale called Stugubrygd here in Stugun (Jämtland County). It has been produced by our ICA (food) store and is manufactured by a well established brewery called Jämtlands Bryggeri. I like the label with the old church and the bridge etc, all located close to my new place (especially the church). On the back they mention how these parts got going back in 1290 when a Bishop in Uppsala gave a man called Gjurd Bodakarl the mission to build a guest house for Pilgrims that journeyed to Trondheim in Norway through this land. I have heard the story, the guy is a distant relative on my grandmothers side. Just imagine going out in the middle of nowhere to build this station (if you want to call it that), that took a lot of courage. I heard he never had to pay any taxes ever again if he did, too bad it did not stipulate that this would include all future relatives.

(Image by me)


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I have just watched a brilliant tv-series called 11.22.63, based on the 2011 book from Stephen King. James Franco stars as a high school teacher who travels back in time to prevent the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

I recommend it.