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Just got some exciting news from Commando HQ as they are all set to publish the 5000th issue next week on March 9. Commando (issue) 5000 is titled “Zero Hours” and it features three top contributors: a brand new story by Ferg Handley, inside art by Carlos Pino and yet another classic cover by Ian Kennedy. To the right you can see the press release as it came in, to the left a larger image of the cover.

Below: check out the text…


Congratulations are definitely in order here! Well done.

On the subject of magazines, if you like classic war comics (or think that you might) you really ought to subscribe to Commando, which is published with a staggering 104 issues a year. This title was launched by D.C. Thomson & Co in Scotland in 1961 and is still going strong. When you subscribe you will get four new books every other week in the mail, with the majority of them dealing with WWII but some other conflicts have been covered occationally as well (back to romans and vikings and onwards). The creative spirit with first rate writers and artists always show. Commando is the last of its kind.

Find out more at the excellent Commando homepage.

(Cover shows issue 4522, published in july 2012)


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