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A few words about the Babymetal book project. Work stalled over the holidays but I am adding a few pages when I feel like it on a fairly regular basis. I love this project but it is done on a hobby level and so it will take some time (maybe a little longer than I thought). I have to say that it has been good fun to dive into the history though and I have certainly discovered a lot of material (ranging from old videos, interviews, blog posts etc) that I had never seen before. Like the wonderful twitter message from guitarist Takayoshi Ohmura from three years ago (seen here), wishing Su-metal a happy 17th birthday. That made my day right there! The history of Babymetal is good fun to take on and I enjoy it very much.

To be continued…


Just a quick note to let you all know that I am in fact working on the Babymetal book. Right now I am working on the very early days and I have a good time doing this. I have no idea as yet how long this will take but I am on the case and it is not like we have a band with a 50 year history or anything like that here. What we do have is a wonderful seven years so far (not counting the pre 2010-history, which is also going in naturally), and it truly is a wonderful story.

Also, it helps to have some time off work (in fact, it helps a lot). It means that I can sit down when it feels just right. The enthusiasm is there, that is the most important thing. I enjoy this little project. When you hear the cold wind blow outside your window, this is a wonderful hobby.

To be continued…


Came back from work today and discovered that Japanese blogs has started to spread the news about my upcoming Babymetal book project (which I went public with a couple of days ago), and consequently the Stats are through the roof right now on this blog. I am very humble for the attention and I do realize that I should perhaps add my Contact information if somebody wants to get in touch. So here it is (see above).

I also realize that this means that Babymetal and the organisation behind them might pick up on this and that is yet another reason for me to be very public about this. I see this project as a labor of love and I really want to support Babymetal in Sweden.

Thank you for your support.

Apostle of Babymetal/Heavens-Fox Blog post here. Hamankarn post here.

Mike Eriksson


Every now and then I need a good little project to sink my teeth into and after decades of publishing magazines (over 100 all in all) and with a background as a freelance journalist that goes way back to the early 1980s I have decided to publish a book. It will be a pilot project of sorts and I will publish this myself. The subject matter will be Babymetal. With little or no real press coverage at all in Sweden for Babymetal so far, I feel that I can help out in a small way to give this excellent Japanese phenomenon some attention in these parts. I have a working title, it will be in Swedish and I will send out copies to many newspapers and news outlets when the project is completed. With any luck (fingers crossed), there will be a new album coming up in 2018, if that happens nobody on earth would be happier than me. Only the Fox God knows.

I took the decision to do this about five weeks ago. I will have 10 weeks off from my regular work starting next week and the Babymetal project will commence then in ernest. This is a heads-up that this is going to happen but it is too early to give out details about a publishing date. At this point, I will concentrate on the actual writing. Later on I will hunt down whatever I need for the book as far as photographs and Babymetal fan art goes (I really would like to showcase some of that). Anybody that wants to get in touch can do this now though, I don´t mind. But a general call to arms will go out through this blog sometime after the Su-metal birthday gigs in Hiroshima.

Really looking forward to this.


Mike Eriksson


(Top image shows myself and a few magazines etc – the images of me, Tarja Turunen, Jon Lord & David Coverdale was taken by Michael Johansson back when we roamed the earth)