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Scary times

Posted: August 12, 2017 in Actual News (good links), General, Prepping

Well I have a couple of days off and today I will update the water supply (it actually takes an hour or two to do but it is worth it should anything bad happen). I will also make a few extra trips to the local store and add to the emergency supplies. In all honesty, I think everybody should think twice about the situation of the world right now.

Selected reports from yesterday from AMTV and TruNews on the situation here and here.


I am sick and tired of the publications that are now using up their last bit of respect (some of it hard earned long ago) on this Kamikaze mission that they are on to dethrone Trump. The good thing about Trump is that the players are visible now. This would never have happened if another Clinton or Bush had entered the White House. As they intended before they lost the plot.

To counter this (because this one really ticked me off), I will suggest that people check out TruNews today. This crap is exactly what they deal with every day. Not because they want to, but because The Swamp is an abomination.

Spot on! This is it. You better believe it.

Watch it here.

Got to love Citizen Journalist Lisa Haven. Just watch her report on the Chemtrailing (you really need to see this). The real truth is not going to be published through mainstream media but certain Scientific publications are now starting to write about Geoengineering (Chemtrailing) as something that we may have to do. They have been doing this for a long time but my guess is that they are not able to hide it from the general public. More and more people are, like me, wondering what the hell they are up to. Also, Trump is in office and The Swamp may be getting a bit nervous. Whatever this is, we are going to hear more about it.

Watch Lisas report here.

The major “news” organisations that have tried to push the Russian narrative in order to hurt President Trump are now in full retreat. It was all lies. I think I know why they did it though, and for so long. They had a huge echo chamber going in European media, and so the false narrative worked over here (helping our swamp in the process). Repeat the lie enough times and people are going to think that there must be some truth to it. This pisses me off no end because it could have led to war with Russia. Nuclear fucking war over a false narrative because the guy that didn´t belong to the club (firmly built on a swamp) happened to beat the establishment candidate. I will not forget this in a hurry, and neither should any decent people out there.

Stefan Molyneux has his say on the matter here, and I agree with everything he says.

Lisa Haven reports that Donald Trump has received a letter from Rick Perry, Secretary of Energy (US Department of Energy) claiming that there will be a high risk of earthquakes going off in the next couple of decades due to Sun activity. Of course the truth is that the Stats are off the charts even as we speak. View the report here.

I told you we had issues with the Sun. I also believe that the Physicist on the Planet X News Channel is the most accurate source of what is going on right now. There is a reason why our Sun is behaving like this. Listen to the May 26 show here.

We live in interesting times.


The Guardian g2 edition, out today in the UK. The terrorist attack in Manchester changed everything. The teens of the world are now looking into what is going on in the West. You can bet your ass that they will discover alternative news and that they have been screwed big time by the establishment. In a few years they will be able to vote. Tolerance is overrated. Enough is enough. Political correctness is dead, or it bloody well should be.

Stefan Molyneux said it best, watch him comment on Manchester here.