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Posted: April 5, 2017 in Actual News (good links), General, Prepping


This is just a hunch, but… Looks to me like we are on the brink of having another war right now. I think Trump may have decided to remove the leadership of North Korea once and for all. Or that he is close to taking the decision. The world has never been closer to WWIII since the Cuban Missile Crisis back in 1962, this really could start at any moment. Question here is this: Can it be contained to a certain regional area or will it light the fuse that takes humanity to the brink?

Follow this on InfoWars, TruNews and Drudge Report.


A friend of mine, journalist, author, artist Jens Ganman is doing his best to move the parameters of what good journalism ought to be to the right positions. Battling political correctness in Sweden is tough but with trailblazers like Jens doing their thing we may still have a chance of a better future (or at the very least, a more honest future). As a media consumer, I certainly want good reporting, not watered down propaganda. This is for you Swedes out there, a good interview with Jens by Patrik Engellau on Swedish journalism at the YouTube Channel Det Goda Samhället (“The Good Society”). Watch it here. Also, for the rest of you that still recall what happened recently when Donald Trump mentioned Sweden, read Jens reaction on his blog about Swedish Multiculturalism here (in English).

Keep up the good work Jens.


Earthquake activity has gone through the roof lately, and now we have volcanoes awakening all over the world that has been quiet for many many years. This should be in the news every single day since it is very strange – along with reports on the weather (also very strange in most places) – but it is not. I have my theory about all this but I am not going there today. We may be in for rough times down the road though so now would be a good time to prepare for the worst. The prepper community is way ahead of the rest right now. Store up on food, water etc. Get going.

Follow the earthquake & volcano activity here.


Big likelyhood for big earthquakes and volkanoes going off in the next few days. You will not hear about this in mainstream news, but from people that follow the Planet X controversy. Also, NASA now actively covering up certain events.

View this report on Planet X News here. NASA cover-up data on BPEarthWatch here.


Steve Olson over at the WSO YouTube Channel has just posted a report with some amazing footage. Ladies and gentlemen, things are going on here that might well explain everything that is going to hell here on earth. The strange weather, the record number of vulcanoes awakening, the countless earthquakes… Come on now, you know something is up. The WSO Channel is one of the best out there and there is much to see. This is cutting edge stuff. Forget mainstram media, nobody is going to go public about this.

Check out this report here.


I like Mark Steyn. I read his books and I enjoy to watch him on YouTube. I just discovered that he mentioned my hometown of Östersund (Sweden) in a recent Steyn Post, dealing with immigration. He has apparently actually been here, which is news to me. I would have loved to have been able to share a couple of beers with the guy had I known.

Listen to his report here.

Here we go

Posted: March 5, 2017 in Actual News (good links), General


Yesterday morning, Donald Trump tweeted about illegal wiretapping against himself during the election, a story that just might be the biggest of the year. Think Watergate on Steroids. Should we be surprised if this is true? Well, this was the administration that thought it was OK to spy on Angela Merkel a few years ago…

If this had been an episode of Columbo (and I for one would have paid good money to have seen that!), how many leads would have pointed to that big fat swamp we have all heard so much about before the inevitable arrests? Stefan Molyneux gives us his take on this right here, and I agree with everything he says.