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Today is the first Anniversary of me being a devoted fan of Babymetal. I added the first blog post about them on March 9 last year and you can watch the sudden interest blossom on the blog – today you will find hundreds of blog posts about them here. It has been a wonderful journey to have experienced their music (and especially the live DVDs), not to mention their superb history. One that can never be replicated. In the last few days I dived into the old collection some more and found an additional four magazines with Babymetal content from before I took notice of them. The worst example of me missing the boat was the two page article I found inside the pages of Classic Rock (issue) 215 (published in October 2015). I do recall reading this article back in the day, but for some reason I did not check them out on YouTube. I kick myself for this now but there you go. At least it has been a wonderful ride for the last year and that is something to be grateful for. And I am. Also, the reason I checked them out on YouTube on March 9 last year was the fact that the “Gimme Chocolate!!” video I saw listed had some 68,000,000 views. Well, now it is closing in on 85,000,000. Imagine that!

Check out the first blog post here. New reaction video on “Gimme Chocolate!!” by The Nobodies on YouTube here.


Great Facebook traffic right now from Deep Purple MK4 & Tommy Bolin related pages. Shared link to this blog post about 16 hours ago. I basically share the posts that went up two years ago dealing with the last US Tour of the 1970s on the appropriate dates and January 14 1976 saw the kickoff of that trek. When I originally wrote that I was not active on Facebook.

Glad to see positive response.

Not sure if I have ever showcased this, but I think not. The 1976 Deep Purple UK Tour Programme looked rather good. Last one they had in the 1970s and it is probably quite expensive now if you spot an auction. I wrote about this tour in some detail last year and this post is doing really well since yesterday (Facebook traffic).

Check it out here.


Came back from work today and discovered that Japanese blogs has started to spread the news about my upcoming Babymetal book project (which I went public with a couple of days ago), and consequently the Stats are through the roof right now on this blog. I am very humble for the attention and I do realize that I should perhaps add my Contact information if somebody wants to get in touch. So here it is (see above).

I also realize that this means that Babymetal and the organisation behind them might pick up on this and that is yet another reason for me to be very public about this. I see this project as a labor of love and I really want to support Babymetal in Sweden.

Thank you for your support.

Apostle of Babymetal/Heavens-Fox Blog post here. Hamankarn post here.

Mike Eriksson


I noticed that the Stats took off last night and that the traffic was for the July 8 article “Family Business” (Babymetal & Deep Purple Family related). So I surfed over to the Babymetal Database and discovered that the post in question has been translated into Japanese on the Hamankarn blog, and this has in turn been mentioned on the big Heavens Fox blog (se picture). I guess the real traffic will be today since Japan is waking up as I write this (and I can see where this is heading on the Stats). This is going to be interesting. I did send this particular story (or the link) to The Highway Star (the Deep Purple news site) but no response just yet. They may not be into Babymetal, or maybe it is just the holidays? Who knows. I knew it was a good story though.

Hamankarn blog translation here. Heavens Fox blog link here.

Took a snapshot of the growing Babymetal collection. This one is going to keep me busy for quite a while. I would say that the foundation is in place, now I need to go for the rare and obscure stuff (like Sakura Gakuin, the limited edition Babymetal singles etc). Also, the magazines and the books. I discovered and blogged about Babymetal for the first time back on March 9. I had seen some videos then and decided that I had to look into this. On March 15 “Metal Resistance” arrived and I was blown away by the sheer power of the group. On the same day it was announced that “Live At Tokyo Dome” was going to be released and the trailer for that was obviously awesome. On March 16 my first magazine popped up, Metal Hammer 293 with the big Metallica/Babymetal feature. On March 17 the “Live At Wembley” CD arrived and I wrote a detailed review. And finally, on March 20 “Live At Budokan” popped up. Well that nailed it.

I have never looked back. Babymetal is part of this blog now, like it or not, and you will find 150 posts on them so far. That is an awful lot of history right there. On June 6 I posted the “Live At Tokyo Dome” review and watched it go viral. It was translated into Japanese and Spanish and Trinkelbonker never had more visitors than June 6-June 8. I was quite stunned by the interest. Things are back to normal now but it is nice to see that Babymetal has that interest out there.

I do have a few DVDs that I still intend to review and the general tone of what you can expect is there for all to see. Babymetal is a unique phenomenon, nothing like it has existed before and who knows where this will all go in the future. It is very interesting though and it feels good to collect something with a bit of passion again.

(Thank you Kalle for your continued support)

Well look at this. The review I posted this Tuesday about the Babymetal DVD “Live At Tokyo Dome” has been translated a second time (first was into Japanese, which I have mentioned), and this time it has been done for the Spanish speaking world. You will find it at the Babymetal Espanol site here. From there it is already linked on the Mexican Babymetal Facebook page that I can see and it is obvious that this story will have thousands of readers around the world that will not even visit Trinkelbonker.

Stats are still through the roof.