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Posted: July 17, 2019 in About this blog

I have been ill for a week and is taking some time off from my hobbies.

Time for an update regarding what is going on with this blog. The major work is complete, some minor stuff (like replacements of certain images) remains to be taken care of. I had to rethink everything as you know, so many old posts had to go. There are less than 700 posts on this blog now, about 90% had to go. This has been very time consuming but it had to be done. Meanwhile I have noticed a considerable drop in visits which is totally expected. 75-80% drop in traffic says it all. I think some people are still visiting, but not every day. Fair enough. I used to really enjoy putting stuff up, to showcase magazines, books, records etc, but I have to look at what is coming now. So this change will at least enable me to carry on, in my own way. It will still be me doing my thing, so it will still be a bit on the eccentric side. This blog will always be a one of a kind thing. You know that and I know that because I will never change.

For those of you that still pop in every now and then, thank you for your support.

(My image)


Got some new furniture delivered today and one of the items was a small table for computer work. So as of today this blog is handled in this little corner. Behind it, hidden behind a door, is this beauty…


So, little by little, the man cave takes shape. I have a couple of major projects to deal with in the coming weeks. No rest just yet, but it is great fun. I have to admit that.

(Thank you Kalle for your support)

(My images)


Spending a lot of time downsizing this blog so that it can survive the EU directives that was passed recently. This will take a while and it is heartbreaking work (all links will have to go etc). The blog will never be the same. We shall see how all this unfolds.

I heard that 5,000,000 people signed petitions against all this. Some were awake.

(My images in the post seen above)

I will sum up some of the more interesting stuff under this headline on a regular basis in the future (part of the new look of this blog, courtesy of the EU).


Well, today is the day so if you have a record store worthy of the name in your neck of the woods, now is the time to pay a visit. I have friends who are carpooling for this, spending a good chunk of the day visiting a neighboring city (and why not).


Loads of magazine covers out there now and there will be plenty more as the new album arrives in May. Current favourites include Sweden Rock Magazine (3 2019) and BURRN! (May 2019) from Japan. Sweden Rock Magazine goes to town with over 30 pages spread over two issues. The guy that slaps a chick on the ass in the new Whitesnake video “Shut Up & Kiss Me” is Coverdale´s son Jasper (and she is his actual girlfriend). Also, David has put out his Nevada home for sale and it is quite a palace (worthy of an Emperor of Rome). Him and wife Cindy is moving to a new place. Word is also out that there will be a nice “Slip Of The Tongue” box as well. Happy days.


Looks like Rainbow is set to release a new version of “Black Sheep Of The Family” digitally on iTunes and Google Play on April 26. I guess it might turn up as a bonus track on the next Rainbow live release, and I think it is a fairly safe bet that they will eventually put something out from the upcoming tour.


The Deep Purple classic “Smoke On The Water” is featured in a bombastic version in the new “Hellboy” movie. Nice to see that Milla Jovovich is in it.

Thanks to the EU this blog will be different in the future. Changing it now and it is pretty drastic. It will take a while to strip it down but it is either that or me removing everything and killing the blog. Too much good stuff collected here over the years for me to want to do that. All links will be removed though (fuck the EU tax!). Magazine covers are removed etc. Most of the stuff here has to be original or text only. There are official images and there will be a few exceptions but not many. All in all, things are changing.

Pretty busy with the move still. Today will be spent fixing up a room in the house with my friend Lars. When you move you find stuff and I was pretty happy to locate this image of Swedish rockers Pride (probably taken around 1989-1990). It was a good AOR/Classic Rock type band and we had a lot of fun back in the day. They came out of Östersund (Jämtland County) and I will have good reason to come back to them later on.

(Photo by me)

Wow. They did it. The EU passed the highly controversial Articles 11 & 13 and it is to be implemented in 2021. Looks like the Fair Use concept is pretty much over with to me. Now, each country in the EU will have their own version of this but as things stand it is going to be difficult to blog when the fun goes out of it. If copyrighted material includes all images, including magazine & book covers, CD & LP covers, DVD/bluray covers etc etc, this is going to have a tremendous impact. Certainly on this blog. Then you have some sort of link tax on top of that. I will have to look at where all this will land, but this could well mean that I will eventually have to rethink this blog completely and remove loads of blog posts. I will still have a lot of original content and I can still blog about stuff without showing images, but I think it will never be as fun again when or if that happens. This will also have a major impact on YouTube, facebook etc etc. Not so much for me personally, but for millions of users. This will not go down well.

I have had thoughts about publishing a book or two with the best stuff from this blog. This makes this even more likely to happen now. In the long run, some day, this blog will certainly be gone. I would like to see some of the stuff survive just for fun really. More on this later.

In the meantime, expect changes to creep in, at least I have some ideas on how to move forward.