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Not sure if I have ever showcased this, but I think not. The 1976 Deep Purple UK Tour Programme looked rather good. Last one they had in the 1970s and it is probably quite expensive now if you spot an auction. I wrote about this tour in some detail last year and this post is doing really well since yesterday (Facebook traffic).

Check it out here.


OK, I added 99 posts to Trinkelbonker in November. That is fairly good I think and I still enjoy adding stuff on a regular basis. Visitors will be aware that as far as Classic Rock goes, only two enteties has their own tag on the blog: the Deep Purple Family (not hard to see why they are up there, I used to publish Deep Purple magazines after all) and Babymetal. The latter I discovered in March this year and I fell in love with the whole thing.

I decided to check out some Stats. Here are the monthly figures on this blog starting in March 2017: March/165 posts, April/180, May/206, June/128/, July/170, August/114, September/113, October/92 and November/99. Total number of posts: 1,267.

So what happened with the Top Classic Rock candidates of the Deep Purple Family & Babymetal? Well, let us take a closer look. March/24 DP – 23 BM, April/27 DP – 55 BM, May/24 DP – 43 BM, June/15 DP – 38 BM, July/9 DP – 36 BM, August/13 DP – 19 BM, September/12 DP – 16 BM, October/15 DP – 10 BM, November/10 DP – 16 BM. Grand total of 149 Deep Purple Family posts and 256 Babymetal posts.

I still maintain that this is one of the best blogs in the world for fans of Deep Purple, even if Babymetal has taken over in recent months. Discovering something new means adding a lot of history, which I did. Babymetal is also an ongoing enterprise, as is Deep Purple.

The major highs on this blog in 2017 have all been related to Babymetal. Every now and then a post on them just takes off like crazy. Thousands of hits coming in from all over the world. Going back, some of the Deep Purple stuff had the same effect. Mostly the classic interviews.

I am happy to follow the activities of these wonderful acts. Deep Purple captured my imagination in 1971, and changed my entire life. Babymetal came along in 2017 (for me) and they have added a good deal of happiness into my life. Music can still evoke strong reactions. It means I am still alive. Music and culture is still an absolute joy to take in. All in all, I am also aware that I have turned quite a growing number of Classic Rock fans into fans of Babymetal. That makes me happy.

(Top image shows Glenn Hughes & Tommy Bolin of Purple at the Budokan (Tokyo) in 1975, and Su-metal in the same venue in 2014)


Came back from work today and discovered that Japanese blogs has started to spread the news about my upcoming Babymetal book project (which I went public with a couple of days ago), and consequently the Stats are through the roof right now on this blog. I am very humble for the attention and I do realize that I should perhaps add my Contact information if somebody wants to get in touch. So here it is (see above).

I also realize that this means that Babymetal and the organisation behind them might pick up on this and that is yet another reason for me to be very public about this. I see this project as a labor of love and I really want to support Babymetal in Sweden.

Thank you for your support.

Apostle of Babymetal/Heavens-Fox Blog post here. Hamankarn post here.

Mike Eriksson


October is gone and I added 92 posts during this period. Wonder Woman & Gal Gadot is still part of the action (probably will be for some time still) and the Purple Family had more posts (15) than Babymetal (10) this time around, which is a first for some time. I am happy about the Babymetal stuff, is there really any other blog in English doing a better job than Trinkelbonker outside of the odd forum out there? I doubt it. All in all, still enjoy this so November, here we come!

Added 113 posts to the blog in September. Babymetal got 16, which is a bit of a drop but still pretty good. The Purple Family landed on 12. I think the mix is pretty good. The ads that pops up now below the latest post came in around the time when I re-activated my old Facebook account again. That I do not like one bit. Not my fault though, I have always tried to avoid ads. I hope it just goes away soon.

October here we come…

Added 114 posts to the blog in August. Babymetal still in the lead with 19 followed by the Deep Purple Family with 13. Pretty good traffic in spite of holidays. Still having fun so September here we come…

(Western image from the archives, I miss those days).

Added 170 posts to this blog in July and stats has been pretty good considering that people are on holiday etc. 36 posts on Babymetal, who still comes out on top. Other topics that have been highlighted includes Deep Purple with 9 posts and the movies “Dunkirk” (8 posts), “Valerian” (7 posts) and “Wonder Woman” (4 posts). Elvis had 4 posts as well (magazine covers). I quite enjoy adding Babymetal stuff to the blog and there is plenty of history on here by now. Still enjoy doing this.

August here we come…