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Posted: May 15, 2021 in Babymetal, Classic Rock, Cool stuff, Magazines

Newsstand UK states that “Rumours are strong that Babymetal are on the cover of a UK magazine very soon!”. Well, they ought to know. My guess is that we are talking about Metal Hammer (349, July issue). The Japanese version of Metal Hammer presented a huge piece on the 10th anniversary of Babymetal not long ago, so this could, in theory, be a translation. But it may also be original material. The Japanese edition of Metal Hammer did present a Black Sabbath story (same layout) right out of the UK edition not long ago, so we shall see. Meanwhile in Sweden, we have Sweden Rock Magazine issue 5 2021 coming up and they give classic Sabbath the third cover in nine months (the others being issues 9 2020 and 3 2021), highlighting the Super Deluxe boxes with in depth articles and interviews (“Sabotage” is coming up in June). Having said that, Sweden Rock Magazine still has to write a piece about Babymetal…

(Babymetal shot by Kalle Thelin, inserted cover of SRM)

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