Talk Of The Day (Sabbath, Ray Fenwick, Blind Golem, Brian Johnson, Babymetal)

Posted: April 16, 2021 in Babymetal, Books, Classic Rock, Cool stuff, Deep Purple Family, Music (general), Talk of the day


“Sabotage” is the next 1970s Black Sabbath album to get the Deluxe Box treatment and we will get this one in mid-June. I have to say that the Sabbath fans are among the luckiest bastards alive these days. Luckily, I am one of them.


British guitarist Ray Fenwick has a three CD Best Of release called “Playing Through The Changes” out on April 30. Most well known for his years in the Ian Gillan Band in the late 1970s, he has had a pretty diverse career and I think this is a pretty interesting set.


If you love Uriah Heep then Blind Golem´s debut album is for you. Not only does it sound a lot like classic Heep, but they have Ken Hensley as a special guest on their “A Dream Of Fantasy” album on a song called “The Day Is Gone” (really good tune actually and this must have been one of the last recordings he ever did). Check them out on YouTube. Great cover art by Rodney Matthews. Italian band, I think we may hear more from them from now on.


Good to see that AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson is set to publish a book about his life and career. Titled “The Lives Of Brian” (obviously a nod to Monty Python there) it will be out in October.


Babymetal has completed the 10 date-run at the Budokan in Tokyo and they have revealed an exclusive showcase live streaming that people can watch online for a fee on June 26. This is the first time that Babymetal attempts to draw an audience in this way and it is obviously designed to keep a high profile during the Covid-19 period. Other acts have done this, but live, and even put out official product of these concerts later. Babymetal is doing it their way, filming 10 concerts and putting together bits and pieces from all the shows for one exclusive stream. By then, we may well get word that there will be an official DVD as well. There will certainly be an exclusive The One Fan Club Box (I can say that much, it is what they do and we all know it). Su-metal played some piano on stage during the final date yesterday, which is a first. The lore at the end of the show did not give away too much. Maybe Covid-19 is screwing things up? Not easy to plan ahead these days and the rest of 2021 is certainly in doubt. The upcoming compilation “10 Babymetal Years” might give them some much needed publicity this month outside of Japan. I certainly hope they get some good press out of it.

(My shot of Tony Iommi with inserted images representing what is talked about in this post)

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