Most of the snow had melted away a few days ago in these parts but to my amazement we have had a couple of days of bad weather that has changed all that now. It is like we are back in March again and that is a bit weird. Saw a Stag right outside my kitchen window yesterday and a few hours later I saw (probably) the same animal a second time passing by my back yard. I see them every now and then and I suppose this winter has been pretty hard for them. Seeing them makes me happy though, they are beautiful creatures. I have things to take care of once the snow finally disappears but for now I am quite busy in the house for obvious reasons. To relax and when time permits, I watch movies and work on the Deep Purple collection (updating the binders, see earlier post).

Got a bonus check from work recently and used it on purchasing new binders etc from a book store in the city (Östersund, Jämtland County), so the timing for this project was pretty good. Having a good time with this hobby at the moment and I hope to wade through all the magazines that I have collected in the last 20 years in the next few months as well, making the collection up to date. We shall see. April 23 is a date to look forward to, with new releases from Tommy Bolin and Babymetal coming up on the same day (that will cost me some money since I want the different editions of both). Still, supporting my favourite artists is a source of joy. As a collector of films on DVD I have noticed that a lot of old stuff is coming out and I like that. These films are usually a bit cheaper to buy even on release so that is a good thing. I will blog about that hobby way more than before on this blog. Expect a post on a couple of classic action movies this Friday.

(My shots of backyard view and some hobby related images)

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