Hobby Highlight (Building Miniature Drum Kits From Scratch)

Posted: February 23, 2021 in Babymetal, Cool stuff, Hobby

I just love this. It is cool on so many levels. What you see is a miniature diorama (1/35) of Babymetal at the 2014 Sonisphere Festival in the UK (classic gig). The creator is Koichi Hara from Kariya in Japan and I asked him if I could showcase this on the blog. His main hobby is to create miniature drum kits from scratch and this diorama is built around one of these works (in this case, the kit that Kami band member Hideki Aoyama performed with on that day). The work is not for sale, it is a labor of love. I asked Koichi Hara if he could write a few words about this and this is his comments.

– “My job is to develop and design car parts. Now I am making an environmentally friendly car. I make miniature drums as a hobby when time permits on weekends. Cut the copper and brass plates with my own hands, bend them, solder them together and assemble them. After that, I shape it with a file. I do not use a machine. I make it as a hobby, so I do not sell it. I have made 50 drum sets. I will continue to make them”. (Koichi Hara)

Very inspirational. 10 out of 10 on the old cool-o-meter.

(Diorama shot by Koichi Hara, used with permission – Many thanks!)

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