Burt Gummer Day

Posted: November 22, 2020 in Classic Rock, Cool stuff, Deep Purple Family, Fanzines - backissues, Magazines, TV & Movies

I just saw the new Tremors movie “Shrieker Island” on DVD and as usual it was good fun. Burt Gummer up to his elbows in graboids and shriekers makes for good entertainment. Luckily, Burt is a mans man and he will always fix the day. When the movie ends we are told that Burt Gummer Day is to be celebrated on April 14 (and that we should not forget to pay our taxes!). Well, that rang a bell right there. Ritchie Blackmore was born on April 14 (1945) and surely this is a twist in the tail that we can not ignore. Are we to assume that Burt Gummer listens to some classic Deep Purple and Rainbow tunes for inspiration, before he brings out the big guns to save everybodys asses? I can totally see that. As a last resort, maybe he can just wack an assblaster on the head with a Fender Stratocaster (preferably signed). KERRRAANNGG!!!! Well, there was no way that I would not create a blog post about this!

(My snapshot of the “Shrieker Island” DVD and my publication SLICE 2003 – Gillan/Blackmore cover shot by Michael Johansson)

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