Babymetalized Whitesnake Cover

Posted: April 7, 2020 in Babymetal, Babymetalized album covers, Classic Rock, Cool stuff, Deep Purple Family, Hobby

There is an ongoing (and utterly amazing) artform going on in the Babymetal community in that fans rework classic album covers and Babymetalize them. This one, signed by “futon”, popped up the other day and it is the 1984 Whitesnake album “Slide It In” that has been transformed into a Babymetal cover. The Whitesnake logo has been changed in a rather brilliant way here, with a fox head replacing the snake head. The title “Slide It In” has been changed to “Sakura Gakuin” (the Idol Group that Babymetal originaly came from). I love the passion and the love behind it, and I guess this is coming from fans that has listened to hard rock and metal for decades. This gets a high rating on the old cool-o-meter.

(Artwork courtesy of futon)

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