Fox Day

Posted: April 1, 2020 in Babymetal, Classic Rock, Magazines

Well, it would appear that the Fox God have chosen not to reveal too much of the future plans for Babymetal on Fox Day this year. What we have got is this image on their platforms, reminding everyone that it has been 10 years in October and that Episode X of the Metal Resistance will take place then. In the real world, even October is in doubt right now due to the terrible situation in the world, so perhaps it was to be expected. The entire Asian Tour has been cancelled, the last show to go was the Pulp Summer Slam Festival in Manila (headlined by Iron Maiden). Certain dates in Europe still stand, but I doubt that they will happen. They should not happen. Safety first. The “Live At The Forum” DVD/Blu-ray that has been announced for May 13 in Japan, has not been seen on any online stores in Europe, so my guess is that it will come later, or not at all. To not release it is just silly. I think they blew it when they did not release “Live At Wembley” and “Live At Tokyo Dome” outside of Japan, but to let that happen with “Live At The Forum” as well is just poor judgment. I would love to hear an explanation, since quite a lot of fans will have to get it on import if this is allowed to happen. Still, maybe they will celebrate the 10th Anniversary in October in style, who knows? On a lighter note, there is a Babymetal poster (of Su-metal and Moametal live) in the current issue of Kerrang! (#1816), so that is a good thing. In my neck of the woods, Sweden Rock Magazine ignored the Swedish concert back on February 3, no sign of them getting behind Babymetal since then (no live report, not a word). Thank God for Kerrang! and Metal Hammer.

Oh, on their Twitter account, todays post had the #StayHome hashtag. I thought that was a good thing to share.

(Official image)

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