Major work on the blog

Posted: February 27, 2020 in About this blog, Babymetal, Classic Rock, Deep Purple Family, Jämtland (County), Magazines, My photographs


As you may know I have removed thousands of blog posts from this blog (mainly magazine stuff, but a lot of other topics as well) since the sad news of the upcoming EU regulations. Spent hours last weekend on this too. On some of these old posts, I actually replace top images. There are ways to save some of this stuff although it is time consuming and I am not done just yet. One result of all this is that 2017-2018 almost looks like a Babymetal blog if you go back now and there are months with only a few blog posts in the archives. Oh well. However, I think I have found a good formula in 2019 for the future and you can see the change. It can never be the same again though, which is a shame.

(Top image shows live shot of Over The Rainbow by me and DEEP PURPLE FOREVER #1 which has a Ritchie Blackmore shot from Copenhagen 1988 by Michael Johansson on the cover)

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