First Babymetal Article in UK Rock Media (Kerrang! 1509)

Posted: February 16, 2020 in Babymetal, Classic Rock, Cool stuff, Hobby, Magazines

Just added a nice Babymetal article to the (not so) old collection – a full page from UK publication Kerrang! #1509 (March 22 2014). Babymetal added their classic “Gimme Chocolate!!” video on their YouTube Channel on February 26 2014. On March 1 and 2 they headlined the Budokan in Tokyo (no opening act). The video went viral within a week and on March 6 USA Today wrote an article with the headline “Babymetal´s video is the greatest ever – or the worst”, and they were not alone in creating a great deal of attention for Babymetal in the West. On March 22, Kerrang! published their first ever story on Babymetal, introducing them to their readership. Jennyfer J. Walker had the honor of presenting Babymetal not only for fans in the UK, but to Kerrang! readers all over Europe. It is quite possibly the very first article in print in Europe in Rock & Metal publications. If somebody else beat them to it, I would like to know about it. Right now, this is certainly a classic article, because it showed the way. Within months, Babymetal experienced a fantastic love affair with UK press and fans, which included the incredible first live appearance at the Sonisphere Festival (see YouTube) on July 5 and two sold out shows in London that later ended up on DVD. Within two years they headlined Wembley, and the UK is still almost considered a second home for Babymetal.

If you are a collector, this article is pure Gold.

(My shot of said Kerrang! feature – Thank you Kalle for your help in securing this magazine)

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