Talk of the day (Brothers Of Metal, Steve Vai, Battler Britton)

Posted: January 17, 2020 in Classic Rock, Comics, Cool stuff, Deep Purple Family, Talk of the day


From Falun, Sweden, we have Brothers Of Metal. Currently on the road in Europe to promote their latest album “Emblas Saga”, they are proud promoters of Viking Metal. I have to say that the album cover art by Sallai Péter is right up there with Rainbow “Rising”, Molly Hatchet´s debut and Dio´s “Holy Diver” as far as sheer power and beauty is concerned. And you need to own the Double Vinyl (Red) with the gatefold sleeve. I like that Viking Metal is a thing.


Good news for fans of Steve Vai as the classic “Passion & Warfare” was re-released today. It is a 30th Anniversary Limited Edition (1,500 copies) in Orange Vinyl. Probably his finest moment.


Battler Britton lives on. On July 1 we have a new 64 page comic from Rebellion by Hugo Pratt. On a sidenote, Commando artist Ian Kennedy is revisiting the Battle Of Britain in a new comic (also from Rebellion, 128 pages) on April 1.

(My shot of the “Emblas Saga” album)

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