Crazy traffic yesterday

Posted: December 30, 2019 in About this blog, Classic Rock, Deep Purple Family, Fanzines - backissues, Feedback, Magazines

Every now and then the traffic on this blog goes nuts, and it happened again yesterday with a 500% spike. Nearly 200 visits alone for the Top Podcasts post, which surprised me. Good to see this sort of interest though. I will add the last posts of the decade on the blog tomorrow and then we are in 2020. Amazing.

Just listened to the 36th episode of the Deep Purple Podcast (that deals with David Coverdale´s Twitter habits, good fun) and towards the end of it they talk about stats for the show and Swedish visitors comes in as the second strongest lot after the home crowd (Americans). Then they thank me for having helped them out a bit, which is nice. I sent them some magazines a few weeks ago and they mention that too, so thank you for your support guys.

So, 2020… How about that?

(Seen here is my publication SLICE GLOBAL EDITION 2008, Ritchie Blackmore cover shot by Michael Johansson)

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