Top 5 Podcasts of 2019

Posted: December 29, 2019 in Babymetal, Classic Rock, Deep Purple Family, Jämtland (County)

Might as well have a go at some Top Lists for 2019 and I think I will start with the Top 5 Podcasts of my choice. And they are…


No one could have known back in April that the Deep Purple Podcast would turn into such a lovely affair but it really has made Mondays quite desirable. Suddenly we have something that kicks off every week covering the adventures of the Deep Purple Family in a joyous way. 35 episodes so far and the Christmas Special was quite funny, with hosts Nathan Beaudry and John Mottola at their very best. Every Deep Purple fan in the world ought to follow them on their adventures. At the very least it would be appropriate if the official facebook pages helped them out a bit, so that people could find out about this excellent show. I mean, why care about social media if you do not show some love to the major fans and their work out there (says the guy that has produced 60 Deep Purple magazines). Oh well. I think David Coverdale has mentioned them in some way though (or shared a link), so things may be looking up.


As a close second I have to give the guys (Paul, Kevin etc) over at the Babymetal Podcast a shoutout for their great support for all things Babymetal in the last 12 months. 26 episodes so far and in the last one (that was uploaded yesterday) they went through 2019 and included just about everything including a moving selection of quotes from fans. Again, it would be prudent if official sources could help these guys out, I find it weird that the powers that be (that would be you Koba) can not grasp how lucky they are to have this kind of support. Just one nod on facebook. How hard can it be?


The episodes are way to short but it is Robert Plant himself that has a go every now and then on different topics and that is quite interesting. I hope that more artists follow in his footsteps eventually. I do like the old man. He has a lot of integrity. Needless to say, he has good numbers.


With 342 episodes behind them, these guys really are the champions if you think about it, and they deserve way more attention than what they have got. Plenty of Kiss (episode 342 actually deals with Bruce Kulicks collaboration with Velvet Insane, a band from my neck of the woods that I have blogged about). In episode 313, they talk about the Deep Purple song “Getting Tighter” from the “Come Taste The Band” album for 105 minutes (David Coverdale ought to check that one out!). These guys are seriously funny.


With 1,405 episodes that generally all have millions of views, Joe Rogan is the biggest of them all. But then he has guests like David Lee Roth, Rob Zombie and James Hetfield on, as well as comedians, politicians, philosophers, authors etc. And he gives them all time to go for the details, which is why podcasts rule.


Not sure if you can call them podcasts, but maybe you can. The Rageaholic is worthy of your attention and his Black Sabbath history show alone has notched up some 333,000 hits as we speak (proud to be part of that episode in a small way). The Dark Journalist is doing a great job peeling off the layers of some of the biggest “conspiracy theories”, and has to be mentioned. I also enjoy the Fall Of Civilizations Podcast by Paul Cooper, which is extremely good. And lets not forget Pete Pardo of the Sea Of Tranquility show, what a passionate man he is. I admire that spark.

Well, I quite enjoyed putting this list together. Good fun.

(Top image of Deep Purple – MK2 reunion eras – was originally a page from my fanzine DEEP PURPLE FOREVER #28, and photographer Michael Johansson supports this blog – many thanks!)

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