Nightmare In The Sky (Original 2004 Comic), Part 1

Posted: December 29, 2019 in Comics, Fanzines - backissues, Hobby, Jämtland (County)

In 2004, I published a fanzine in A5 format titled Truppserien here in Sweden, an homage to the War Comics scene of the old days. I was running a site called Where Eagles Dare at that point and it was good fun to create a War Comic and print it (I think, in 100 copies) at the time. Lennart Samor, a well known artist in my neck of the woods, agreed to take on the project and add art to my script and I think it has a certain charm to it even now. Titled “Fruktans minut” it sported Stuka art on the cover (really well made I think) and the version you are about to read now is a reprint in English titled “Nightmare In The Sky” that was later published in SLICE GLOBAL EDITION 2008 as well as RETROFUTURE 3 (in 2010). Since I do support the sole remaining comic of this kind (Commando) on this blog, I figured it would be a nice addition to publish it online now for a broader audience. I hope you enjoy it.

To be continued…

(Trinkelbonker 2019)

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