Hidden History Of The Human Race

Posted: December 15, 2019 in Babymetal, Classic Rock, Cool stuff, Music (general)

Bought the rather wonderful Blood Incantation album (Gatefold Vinyl with added CD) “Hidden History Of The Human Race”. Bloody great cover art by Bruce Pennington (1970, 1972 and 1974, suggesting that this really was meant to be). Excellent musicianship, pretty extreme but still with a hint of class. The vocals are not supposed to be heard and understood clearly, but are part of the sound experience. Much like the logotype of the band is unreadable and joins a scene that is dangerously close to Spinal Tap. But then you have the charm factor, which this whole Cosmic Death Metal thing has got in spades, deep in debt as it is from authors like Erich Von Däniken and Graham Hancock (just to mention some of the masters of alternative but not necessarily bad science). These guys obviously love what they do deeply. You will not sell millions of albums with this music, your fame will come from the underground (like this blog). But the very fact that this record has been released by Century Media Records (Arch Enemy, Avatar, In Flames) means a far greater chance of being seen and noticed in the long run. And with this image and album, I would not be surprised if they are offered to open for Babymetal on their “Metal Galaxy” trek. Imagine this lot in front of 50,000 Babymetal fans in Japan. It would be a beautiful thing. I also have to give Blood Incantation considerable cred for the love that they have put in on the art side and especially the Vinyl (with added poster, fanzine-like book, and lyric sheet). With titles like “Slave Species Of The Gods” and “The Giza Power Plant”, you need the lyrics. This package is here to be enjoyed in its physical form first. Let the bloody aliens download it.

(My image of said Vinyl)

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