The DVD Collection

Posted: December 14, 2019 in Cool stuff, Hobby, TV & Movies

And while on the subject of enjoying the art of putting a nice collection in order: Collecting DVDs is certainly good fun but it takes up a lot of space eventually, so why not do something about it? I started to put DVD covers (about 75-80 of them) in binders about a year ago and now I have located the perfect storage box(es) for them. The box you see with DVDs here represents the covers in one binder, in this case marked as Comedy. Put the top on the box and put a sticker with the information of the content on the front and you can just stuff it into a closet nearby. The binders look good and you can have those in your TV room on a shelf for easy access. I keep the Music DVDs intact, the season boxes of TV series and so on. The rest goes into this collection, Westerns, Sci-Fi, War, Action etc etc.

Works for me.

(My image of said box and binder)

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