Gone in a flash

Posted: December 13, 2019 in Babymetal, Classic Rock, Cool stuff, Deep Purple Family

You have to be on the ball these days to catch the Limited Editions that are put out there by bands that seek to hype certain products. Case in point. I heard about the four track Leaves´Eyes CD Single “Black Butterfly” and tried to keep an eye open for a copy through my usual online store (Ginza in Sweden). Never saw it listed in advance and one day I suddenly saw an announcement by the band on Facebook that it had sold out (1,000 copies) from the record company in one day. Then I went to Ginza and it was listed, meaning they probably had a few copies, and I managed to get one. Not so lucky with the Deep Purple “Live In Rome” Vinyl that was gone from stock in a flash. In the case of the Purple Series, I will now stop hunting the Vinyls since they are not that great looking and I would rather spend my hard earned money on Babymetal stuff and other bands of interest anyway. I am a collector, but I need it to look good (and make sense) at this point. The Purple Series looks like a cash in more than anything and I resent that. The CDs will do and that is a stretch too.

(My shot of the Leaves´Eyes CD)

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