Spark Purple & Babymetal Posters

Posted: December 9, 2019 in Babymetal, Classic Rock, Cool stuff, Deep Purple Family, Hobby, Magazines

Seen here is a couple of posters from Czech publication Spark, official images of Deep Purple (2017) and Bybymetal (2013). I could not help noticing that they look rather good together like this with the logotypes and everything so I will frame both of them as one, and give the combined presentation a place in my music room. It will obviously become a rather unique work of art and also a bit of a conversation starter. But for me, these images represents postcards of my personal journey through this big musical galaxy of ours. And music can still excite me after all these years, which is something to be grateful for. It will cost me a couple of hundred bucks to do it, but it will look rather good and why not have a bit of fun every now and then?

To be continued…

(My image of said posters)

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