Good times (2)

Posted: December 5, 2019 in Babymetal, Classic Rock, Cool stuff, Hobby, Magazines

Got a bunch of Fakker! and Spark magazines from the Czech Republic today (many thanks!) which coincided nicely with me sitting down and doing some work on the Babymetal collection. Seen here is Fakker #9 2015 (cover, six page story and poster is not bad), and Spark magazine had a two page story at the same time (both magazines are published by the same crew) so you could say that they opened that door for Babymetal over there at that time. I also got Spark #8 2015 which sported a beautiful poster of the same image that you see on this cover and a few other back issues (nice Purple cover, feature and poster in Spark #4 2017!), including two variations of a Kiss Special. Oh yeah, I got Fakker #11 2019 with yet another Babymetal cover as well (more on this later). Good things will come from this.

(My shot of this Babymetal binder, magazine cover image is official)

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