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Staffan Eriksson uploaded the title track from his Artomus Friendship album “A Day of Celebration” onto YouTube tonight. Friends of this blog will be aware of this project.

(My shot of Staffan, image from the video inserted)


Posted: November 22, 2019 in Classic Rock, Cool stuff

Nice to get the new Metalite album “Biomechanicals” (Green Vinyl and good looking gatefold sleeve). Really cool cover art (featuring singer Erica Ohlsson) by Darkgrove Jan Yrlund flanked by people like Hiko (layout) and Tallee Savage (bandphotos). Swedish outfit, ready to take on the world.

(My shot of said album)

I have been doing some trading with one of the biggest Deep Purple collectors in the world recently and I was told that he had discovered Babymetal through Trinkelbonker and bought the “Live At Budokan” and “Live In London” DVDs as well as the “Metal Resistance” album on the strength of my advice.

Made my day to hear it too!

Legends of WWII 2020 Calendar

Posted: November 20, 2019 in Calendars, Cool stuff

Added the Legends of WWII 2020 Calendar to the old collection. All art (and good it is) by Michael Turner.

(My shot of said calendar)

I am currently involved in creating some sort of working relationship with the Czech magazines Spark (sort of their version of Metal Hammer) and Fakker! (think Kerrang!), whom are both created by the same publisher. I have offered my assistance in giving them access to some of my classic stuff and it looks very positive. They loved the 2001 Ronnie James Dio interview. I like them because they have been supporting Babymetal in a strong way since at least 2015. Both publications have touched on Babymetal, Fakker with two covers since 2015 and an example of Spark can be seen here (poster printed in # 8 2015). In other words, I like what I see and I am ready to do some work for these guys.

Babymetal have confirmed Download Festival in the UK on June 14, so the festival dates in Europe keep on coming. And in a recent poll from Loudwire Babymetal entered The 66 Best Metal Songs of the Decade: 2010-2019 at 30 with “Gimme Chocolate!!”. I see this song being mentioned now all over the place in articles from the Metal Community covering the last decade. And here in Sweden our press has not even presented them to the general public yet (which bugs me no end). I nicked the headline to this blog post from the Loudwire piece, excellent quote.

(Spark Babymetal poster seen here is official image)



Posted: November 17, 2019 in Cool stuff, TV & Movies

Last day of my delayed holiday. I have had four good weeks and everything I had set out to do is done. I also discovered a classic television show called UFO on YouTube and bought it on eBay. It turned out to be quite entertaining for a guy of my age (who can gladly accept the goofy style and the sexism etc). Originally aired 1970-1973 it has everything that was cool on television back in the day. This is feel good stuff. I highly recommend it.

Thank you for your support Kalle.

(My shot of the DVD box with the complete series)

East Meets West

Posted: November 17, 2019 in Babymetal, Classic Rock

Babymetal just performed two nights at the Saitama Super Arena (yesterday and today) and the lore continues (as can be witnessed on YouTube). They will still play several huge shows at home this year, but they have already announced that the “Gods of the East” will meet “The Gods of the West” at the Legend – Metal Galaxy Shows at the Makuharu Messe Arena on January 25 and 26, meaning that the American Kami Band will be there together with the Japanese original Kami Band. It is also indicated that all three Avengers (the replacements for Yuimetal) will be there. This is pretty exciting stuff, and it remains to be seen what Kami members (and Avengers) that will appear on the European Tour right after this, kicking off here in Stockholm on February 3 (I will be there, so that is going to be good fun). The European Tour will be followed up by an Asian Tour and then it is back to Europe again for Festival dates. Su-metal and Moametal has obviously both agreed to be doing way more concerts than before, and this will mean quite an effort considering how physical their performances are. But it will also help to cement Babymetal as part of the next generation of mega acts. I think they will headline rock festivals all over the world a decade from now.

Looking forward to following and supporting them on this exciting journey.

(Official ad for said “East/West” gigs.

Things are moving fast in Babymetal Land. Lets deal with the bad news first. The Clockenflap Festival in Hong Kong has been cancelled. This is due to the current unrest in the city. It is the first ever Babymetal date that is being cancelled, but it is what it is. On the more positive side, “Metal Galaxy” gets a pretty fair review in Classic Rock # 268 (Queen cover), (quote) “Inside the heart of every fiercely tattooed heavy metal fan there lurks a Japanese schoolgirl” – the press loves to come up with stuff like that. And we got news from the Babymetal camp today that members of the Fan Club called The One will be able to buy super exclusive DVDs (etc) of the Yokohama Arena “Sun” shows from June 28-29 as well as the July 6-7 “Moon” (Legend M) shows from Nagoya. These can be ordered from today and will be shipped on April 1 and the really good news is that the very fact that The One is covered now for some time, should mean that the Forum show that they filmed in Los Angeles a few weeks ago might get the stamp of approval for official release everywhere. About time that they put something good out there outside of Japan. So, fingers crossed. And finally, we now know that the new Babymetal ESP guitars (E-II MF-9 and the Babymetal MF-7 Mini) is available now. This would not have happened if the 2016 Arrow guitar had not sold well so that is pretty cool. And you do not see nine and seven string guitars that often, so these guitars are special. And darned good looking too.

(Top image shows part of ESP ads from 2016 and 2019)

The Last Hurrah?

Posted: November 15, 2019 in Classic Rock, Deep Purple Family

Tickets go on sale today for the Norwegian Tons Of Rock Festival with headliners Iron Maiden and Deep Purple. The legends lives on, but in the case of Purple this really could be one of the final dates in Scandinavia.

(Official ad for said concert)


Just had the pleasure of reading the 92nd Lucky Luke book “En Cowboy i Paris” (Albumförlaget, 2019) and I was quite surprised. Like Asterix, the series lives on long after the original creators have passed away, but the quality is still high. If anything, this is one of the best adventures in my book and that speaks volumes.


Good old Ozzy has a new studio album called “Ordinary Man” coming out in early 2020. First video, “Under The Graveyard”, turns out to be a good heavy song so there is still hope.


New live release from Molly Hatchet on November 29, “Battleground”. They have a new singer, Jimmy Elkins.

(My shot of the Lucky Luke book)