The Serotonin Spike of Babymetal

Posted: November 20, 2019 in Babymetal, Classic Rock, Cool stuff, Deep Purple Family, Hobby, Magazines

I am currently involved in creating some sort of working relationship with the Czech magazines Spark (sort of their version of Metal Hammer) and Fakker! (think Kerrang!), whom are both created by the same publisher. I have offered my assistance in giving them access to some of my classic stuff and it looks very positive. They loved the 2001 Ronnie James Dio interview. I like them because they have been supporting Babymetal in a strong way since at least 2015. Both publications have touched on Babymetal, Fakker with two covers since 2015 and an example of Spark can be seen here (poster printed in # 8 2015). In other words, I like what I see and I am ready to do some work for these guys.

Babymetal have confirmed Download Festival in the UK on June 14, so the festival dates in Europe keep on coming. And in a recent poll from Loudwire Babymetal entered The 66 Best Metal Songs of the Decade: 2010-2019 at 30 with “Gimme Chocolate!!”. I see this song being mentioned now all over the place in articles from the Metal Community covering the last decade. And here in Sweden our press has not even presented them to the general public yet (which bugs me no end). I nicked the headline to this blog post from the Loudwire piece, excellent quote.

(Spark Babymetal poster seen here is official image)


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