East Meets West

Posted: November 17, 2019 in Babymetal, Classic Rock

Babymetal just performed two nights at the Saitama Super Arena (yesterday and today) and the lore continues (as can be witnessed on YouTube). They will still play several huge shows at home this year, but they have already announced that the “Gods of the East” will meet “The Gods of the West” at the Legend – Metal Galaxy Shows at the Makuharu Messe Arena on January 25 and 26, meaning that the American Kami Band will be there together with the Japanese original Kami Band. It is also indicated that all three Avengers (the replacements for Yuimetal) will be there. This is pretty exciting stuff, and it remains to be seen what Kami members (and Avengers) that will appear on the European Tour right after this, kicking off here in Stockholm on February 3 (I will be there, so that is going to be good fun). The European Tour will be followed up by an Asian Tour and then it is back to Europe again for Festival dates. Su-metal and Moametal has obviously both agreed to be doing way more concerts than before, and this will mean quite an effort considering how physical their performances are. But it will also help to cement Babymetal as part of the next generation of mega acts. I think they will headline rock festivals all over the world a decade from now.

Looking forward to following and supporting them on this exciting journey.

(Official ad for said “East/West” gigs.

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