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Commando Halloween Special

Posted: October 23, 2019 in Comics, Cool stuff

Commando continues to surprise, and now we get a Halloween Special (#5277) titled “Commandos Vs Zombies”. Story by Georgia Standen Battle, inside art by Vicente Alcazar and cover art by (the one and only) Ian Kennedy.


(Cover courtesy of Commando)

In December 1973, a Deep Purple double compilation album called “Mark I & II” was released. The title was a reference to the first two versions of the band, in fact the third incarnation went out on the road in Europe (starting in Scandinavia) just as this was released. On Wikipedia it says that this was a UK only release but that is not true. My copy is printed by EMI in Sweden (it was certainly available here) and you can tell it is a German edition as they spell the four sides of these vinyls “Seite 1”, “Seite 2” etc on the back. What you get here is 16 songs, eight by each line-up. I always loved the cover art even though the text on the inside of the gatefold sleeve was ill researched. The whole business to reference the Deep Purple line-ups as Mark (or MK) 1, 2, 3 etc started with this release. Within the Purple Family, it is what fans do, although who can really keep track at this point?

The management of Deep Purple later neglected to put a “Mark III & IV” album out, an historic mistake that even David Coverdale has mentioned as being a bit sad. And he is right, it should have been done in the late 1970s, but they were busy shining the spotlight on MK2 at the time. A bit weird since they were in bed with Whitesnake back then.

It would be nice if somebody saw fit to re-release this particular album on Vinyl, if they could follow this up with the album that never was (“Mark III & IV”) with similar artwork. Why the hell not?

(My shot of said album)


I have discovered that ex-BTO (as in Bachman Turner Overdrive) guitarist Randy Bachman has been very busy recording music that I just did not know was out there. Just added this 1992 solo album, “Any Road”, to the old collection. Any fan of BTO will just love this. Adding more of this stuff now.


If you are stuck in 1980 chances are that you will love US band War Cloud. They have a new album (CD & Vinyl) out called “State of Shock” with a WWII cover that works very well with the music (think Motörhead). They may have missed the boat by a few decades but this is very charming in its own way.


Swedish rockers Metalite has a new album out this week called “Biomechanicals”. Singer Erica Ohlsson is making her debut with the band. The album cover looks great and I will get the Green Vinyl myself, although you can get it in Gold as well.

(My image of the 1992 Bachman album)


Got some chart positions of physical sales for “Metal Galaxy”. It entered the US chart at #13, Germany and Australia at #18 and the UK at #19. Babymetal stuff is coming in all the time now (it is great to be a collector) and the magazines you see here (PMC #15 and Hedoban #24) as well as the special edition of the CD is all coming from Japan. Su-metal has a great quote in the PMC magazine, “The snail climbs Mount Fuji without a break”.


Wymer Publishing in the UK is to release a book that features Ian Gillan on December 6 called “Ian Gillan – A Visual Biography”. I guess we may see a second edition with another title and a cheaper price tag later on?


US journalist Cherry Bomb has published a story on Ronnie James Dio at the Metal Injection site, using quotes from my big 2001 interview (which was posted on this blog on August 20 2012). The title of her story is “Holy Diver! Ronnie James Dio´s 1978 Close Encounter With a UFO in Connecticut”.


220 Volt guitarist Mats Karlsson will have his first solo album out on December 6 (I guess you could read the Ian Gillan book while listening to it since they hit us on the same day). It is titled “The Time Optimist”.

(Regarding Babymetal, thank you for your support Kalle – my image of said items)

Added this Japanese mini-exhibition that features Deep Purple (1975) and Babymetal (2019) to the old man cave. Super busy creating the music room/library in the basement. I have some rather eccentric ideas and I hope it turns out well (this is actually the biggest project since I bought this place). I do have a four week holiday at my disposal so that is good. This exhibition greets you when you are on your way to this room.

Got to have some fun.

(My image – Music Life & Hedoban magazines from my collection)

(Thank you for your support Kalle)

Commando 5271-5274

Posted: October 17, 2019 in Comics

Commando 5271-5274 is out today in the UK. Just search “Commando comics” should you want to subscribe.

(Covers courtesy of Commando)

Metal Galaxy

Posted: October 14, 2019 in Babymetal, Classic Rock, Cool stuff

Had work to do this weekend so I only had a chance to dig down deep on what happened on October 11 at the Forum gig in Los Angeles last night. Well, first off it was a sold out show, indicating that Babymetal are now close to becoming a full fledge arena band in the US. And on top of this they clearly rocked the house, everything you see on YouTube looks awesome. The weird storytelling continues and the gigantic screen behind them is utilized 100%. A large chunk of the new album “Metal Galaxy” was performed (10 songs out of 15) and not a lot of bands has the guts to do that sort of thing. Clearly though, that crowd had the time of their lives. Two girls of the three “Avengers” joined Su-metal and Moametal on stage for different numbers, Momoko Okazaki and Riho Sayashi, making the image of the so much beloved trio live on. Expect full DVD release somewhere down the line, probably in 2020.

Meanwhile, I got my first “Metal Galaxy” edition delivered today, the Limited Double LP Red See Through Vinyl (with Download bonus). Fantastic gatefold sleeve with stunning artwork. That sticker goes straight into the old collection. The album is #1 on iTunes worldwide, so they are doing very well. Looking forward to the official chart positions for physical product this week.

(My shot of said LP)

Babymetal Day

Posted: October 11, 2019 in Babymetal, Classic Rock, Cool stuff

And so the day arrives, the third Babymetal album is out today worldwide. It saw its Japanese release on October 8 (see earlier posts) and is now at #1 in the Japanese charts. On iTunes it is #1 in the category Rock/Metal in both the UK and the US, #2 on the all categories chart in the same territories. It is at #2 in the Swedish iTunes chart and at #2 on the Metal chart. So, pretty strong support in my neck of the woods. Tonight they perform their first arena show as headliners in the US (at The Forum in Los Angeles). Expect YouTube to lit up like a Christmas tree this weekend.

Things are looking good.

(My shot of todays image on the official homepage, a couple of album covers inserted)

I said a while back that I will present an interview with Staffan Eriksson of the Artomus Friendship project (and the brilliant 1960s style “A Day Of Celebration” album) on this blog, but I wanted to wait until you good people could actually hear it. Well it is on YouTube now (the entire album!) so pop in there and take a listen. I have to say that my personal favorite song is “Brand New Day” but I like the whole album. Takes me back to days long gone, days that will never be forgotten. You can still buy the album on CD or Vinyl/CD if you search for it (can not link due to the upcoming EU tax on links, but it is out there). So, check it out and expect more on this blog within a couple of weeks.

(My shot of Staffan Eriksson)

Got this book in the mail today and it turned out be be quite wonderful. What you get is a Tribute to Ronnie James Dio from photographer Frank White. “Ronnie James Dio – A Career Through The Lens 1975-2009” (Wymer Publishing, 2019) gives us exactly what the title says (from early Rainbow to the very last Heaven & Hell show just a few months before his death in 2010), and that includes a highly entertaining look into this photographers personal journey as the years went by. This is the second edition, the first was called “Ronnie James Dio – A Life In Vision 1975-2009” (hardback). I can see now that Wymer is going for second editions, cheaper ones but with basically the same contents, when they feel like it (or perhaps when interest justifies it). Glad they published this second edition.

(My image of said book)