The Long Goodbye

Posted: October 31, 2019 in Classic Rock, Deep Purple Family, Magazines

Deep Purple are doing dates next summer in Europe and we know that there has been talk about another studio album (the third produced by Bob Ezrin). This takes them into 2021 or 2022 which is truly amazing. The Bob Ezrin produced albums – “Now What?!” (2013) and “Infinite” (2017) – certainly ranks among the very best of the entire reunion period so they have every right to take it further until they feel the time is right to end it all. Thus the much talked about Long Goodbye Tour that was initiated two years ago will roll on for some time yet. Well, they did call it The Long Goodbye after all, and we all know that we are getting close to the finale. In a sense they are still one big motherfucker of an underground band, with endless tours being the norm. They may be under the radar but when (or if) they roll into your city, you will know about it. They are a living, breathing legend. Looks like time is the only enemy they have got at this point, these guys have got nothing to prove to anybody. Formed in 1968, the real Anniversary however will be for “In Rock” (1970) and that comes up in June 2020, right when they are out there doing their thing. Then it will be 50 years of hard rock. Or Classic Rock as they say these days. As you know I used to publish Deep Purple magazines in Sweden (about 60 all in all) and although it is hard to work up too much enthusiasm over the fact that they are still out there (they are after all promoting a very old style of music at this point), I can still feel proud to have been a small part of the support for a couple of decades. But in no way did I ever think that they would last this long. And they have. Braving the odds, they always had enough talent to pull it off. And the support has never waned too much. I do feel that the time has come to wrap things up though, let the seventh album with Steve Morse be the end, the final bow. Then watch the legend grow, again.

(Seen above is DEEP PURPLE FOREVER #27, published by me in September 2000 – Steve Morse photographed by Michael Johansson at Sweden Rock Festival that year)

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