Babymetal hype

Posted: October 28, 2019 in Babymetal, Classic Rock, Cool stuff, Magazines

Added Japanese publication Young Guitar (#11 2019) to the old collection (seen here to the right). Roughly half the content is Babymetal (100 pages of 210), so you get a lot for your money here. Back in 2016 they had their first cover (#5) and they (Yui was still in the band then) posed with the Babymetal guitars that came out back then. Not sure what Su and Moa are posing with on the new cover but whatever it is that Su holds has nine strings. Japanese magazines have a very high standard.

And speaking of magazines, I have seen a half page ad for “Metal Galaxy” in the final issue of Swedish publication Close-Up now (#220), so finally a sign that they got some promotion here. Major newspaper Aftonbladet killed the album back on October 11 but any fan could tell that the reviewer knew next to nothing. The sad thing is that it was written by a rock fan. Back in the day when they killed everything we liked (Rainbow, Sabbath etc etc), at least it was done by people that hated our music. But this? This is just sad.

(My shot of said Young Guitar issues)

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