Talk of the day (Blue Öyster Cult, Babymetal, Crystal Viper)

Posted: October 26, 2019 in Babymetal, Books, Classic Rock, Cool stuff


Winter is coming so I am adding some books to the old collection. Got this one the other day, “Blue Öyster Cult – every album, every song” (Sonicbond Publishing, 2019) by author Jacob Holm-Lupo. It is part of the “On track…” series that this publisher has, with books written by major fans of different bands. I do have a soft spot for Blue Öyster Cult and this is the second book I have in my collection now. Loads of images inside by Bolle Gregmar from Scandinavian tours. I remember Bolle from the early 1980s when I wrote for a newspaper called Helsingborgs Dagblad in his neck of the woods. I recall him helping me out with a story on Blue Öyster Cult at the time. Holm-Lupo is a Norwegian musician and journalist and he has done a good job here. 162 pages.


No chart entry for Babymetal in Sweden (Top 60) for physical copies of “Metal Galaxy”. It entered the Top 20 Hard Rock chart at #15 a week ago but dropped off yesterday. I have seen no promotion for “Metal Galaxy” at all, not even a small ad in Sweden Rock Magazine. It did well here on iTunes but what does that mean? Looks like my generation – rockers that actually buy physical product – is unaware of Babymetal. Sadly, that is the reaction I get all the time. Looks like Sweden is missing the boat.


Polish Heavy Metal band Crystal Viper has a new album out on November 22 called “Tales Of Fire And Ice”. I will buy the CD as well as the Blue Vinyl.

(My shot of said BÖC book)

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