Artomus Friendship on YouTube

Posted: October 10, 2019 in Cool stuff, Jämtland (County), Music (general), My photographs

I said a while back that I will present an interview with Staffan Eriksson of the Artomus Friendship project (and the brilliant 1960s style “A Day Of Celebration” album) on this blog, but I wanted to wait until you good people could actually hear it. Well it is on YouTube now (the entire album!) so pop in there and take a listen. I have to say that my personal favorite song is “Brand New Day” but I like the whole album. Takes me back to days long gone, days that will never be forgotten. You can still buy the album on CD or Vinyl/CD if you search for it (can not link due to the upcoming EU tax on links, but it is out there). So, check it out and expect more on this blog within a couple of weeks.

(My shot of Staffan Eriksson)

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