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Just bought Sweden Rock Magazine (issue) 9 2019 and in it I find a review of the upcoming Babymetal album “Metal Galaxy”. As is tradition by now, the reviewer just can not handle, or come to grips with, what this is (and how great it is). Here is the thing. The same guy has reviewed two DVDs and a live album (Wembley) before, and the pattern is the same. My question is, is he asking for these DVDs/records or is somebody (by sheer coincidence) always giving them to him? This magazine is not likely to give them any real coverage, not even now.


Rocker/filmmaker (and Babymetal supporter) Rob Zombie has a new film out called “3 From Hell”. The soundtrack includes a classic James Gang song called “The Devil Is Singing Our Song” from the Tommy Bolin era of the band. Got to love that. Podcaster Joe Rogan put up a great interview with Rob on YouTube a couple of days ago. Well worth your time checking that out.

Commando 5263-5266

Posted: September 19, 2019 in Comics

Commando 5263-5266 is out today in the UK. Just search “Commando comics” should you want to subscribe.

(Covers courtesy of Commando)

Tempo 25

Posted: September 17, 2019 in Comics, Cool stuff

This is great nostalgia. Norwegian comic Tempo (issue) 25 takes me back to the 1970s. We had this in Sweden too but it was called Champion. It was basically comics from Europe, and it was all good stuff. Bruno Brazil is highlighted in this issue.

(My image of said title)


Fans of early Van Halen has a treat to look forward to, as they are set to release a Vinyl box titled “The Japanese Singles 1978-1984”. It features 13 Singles in all and 750 of these boxes will have them in Red Vinyl. The release date is November 1.


“Russian Roulette” will be re-issued in Gold/Black Vinyl in a Limited Edition of 2,000 copies on October 10. They have a re-issue programme going.


Joe Bonamassa will release another live-album on October 25. This one is called “Live At The Sydney Opera” (you can see a trend here, as earlier live albums were recorded at classic spots like Red Rock, Radio City Music Hall, Royal Albert Hall and Carnegie Hall etc). Great looking cover, and it will be issued in Blue Vinyl as well.


The first edition of the “Bomber” Airfix kit I mentioned recently on this blog blew out the door and Airfix is now putting out a second to meet popular demand. I knew it.

Glad to see that the Deep Purple Podcast quoted the recently posted interview with Dan McCafferty of Nazareth in todays episode (21). Also, somebody at the University of Cape Town wanted to have permission to use a quote or two from my 1987 interview with Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath). Of course I said yes, why not. I like it when people actually ask.

Basement blues

Posted: September 16, 2019 in General, My countryside dream

Due to my condition this summer (still waiting for that operation), work on the house has stalled until I am sure that I will be present when work is to be done, but at least I have started to lay down some groundwork in the basement. Not sure if any previous owner of this place ever used this space for anything other than to store stuff, but I have a vision of a library/music room down there and I am sure it will be there a couple of months from now. Before I let the professionals in (new window, new floor, shelves etc), I will get the painting done (God knows what I will do with the four green doors!) and I will remove that awful yellow mat that has been there forever. So this is a snapshot of a moment in time, soon to be just a bad distant memory.

To be continued…

(My shot)


Here is some good news. Lee Aaron is set to release a live CD/DVD next week called “Power Soul Rock´n´Roll – Live In Germany”. It actually kicks off with the Deep Purple classic “Mistreated” (which was also on her latest studio album “Diamond Baby Blues”).


Swedish rockers Velvet Insane has a very special guest on their upcoming second album; Bruce Kulick from Kiss. Now these guys are from my neck of the woods and they are clearly going places.


There is a book on Black Sabbath titled “Sabbath The Dio Years – A Photographic History” in the making. No word on a release date as yet.


I have mentioned these puzzles before on this blog, now we have another batch coming up with bands like Queen, Rush, Guns N´Roses, The Ramones, The Doors and Metallica.