Talk of the day (Van Halen, Accept, Joe Bonamassa, Motörhead)

Posted: September 17, 2019 in Classic Rock, Cool stuff, Talk of the day


Fans of early Van Halen has a treat to look forward to, as they are set to release a Vinyl box titled “The Japanese Singles 1978-1984”. It features 13 Singles in all and 750 of these boxes will have them in Red Vinyl. The release date is November 1.


“Russian Roulette” will be re-issued in Gold/Black Vinyl in a Limited Edition of 2,000 copies on October 10. They have a re-issue programme going.


Joe Bonamassa will release another live-album on October 25. This one is called “Live At The Sydney Opera” (you can see a trend here, as earlier live albums were recorded at classic spots like Red Rock, Radio City Music Hall, Royal Albert Hall and Carnegie Hall etc). Great looking cover, and it will be issued in Blue Vinyl as well.


The first edition of the “Bomber” Airfix kit I mentioned recently on this blog blew out the door and Airfix is now putting out a second to meet popular demand. I knew it.

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