Talk of the day (Babymetal, Rob Halford, Motörhead)

Posted: September 7, 2019 in Babymetal, Classic Rock, Cool stuff, Hobby, Talk of the day


Well the US Tour is on and the first two shows in Orlando and Atlanta has created a lot of positive vibes in the fan community. Openers Avatar are going down well too and it says something about the Babymetal team that they dare go out with first rate acts. Incredibly, Babymetal now has a brand new Kami Band for this tour, and it seems to be members of Galactic Empire. They are doing a good job though, but it is quite a twist in the history of Babymetal to do this. It remains to be seen if they are to be on that stage on the prestigious Forum arena show on October 11 as well. It is to be live streamed to Japan and chances are that it is to be filmed for official product (like Wembley was in 2016). That is a big deal obviously. Still, Babymetal has created a universe that only they inhabit and it seems to be working out just fine for them. The set is high energy and they send people home exhausted but happy. Riho Sayashi is the third dancer on this tour.


Good old Rob Halford (With Family & Friends) is set to release a Christmas album titled “Celestial” on October 18.


Airfix will release a very exclusive kit soon, the Motörhead Heinkel HE 111 H-6 of the classic “Bomber” album cover. Incidentally, the cover artist, Adrian Chesterman, did use an Airfix model when he worked on the original art back in the day, so this is good karma. The Airfix kit will sport the album cover, so fans of Motörhead will love this. I wish Lemmy could have seen this, he would have loved it.

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