Posted: August 9, 2019 in Babymetal, Classic Rock, Cool stuff

Babymetal has revealed the details (tracklist etc) of the third album “Metal Galaxy” today, and it turns out to be pretty exciting stuff. The album is set to be released in many different formats and versions and I have never in my life seen a bigger launch than this. I will probably end up paying for a dozen versions of this, which is very very exciting. As for the tracklist, here is the information.

1. “Future Metal”. One has to wonder what they have come up with here.

2. “Da Da Dance” (featuring Tak Matsumoto). Tak is big in Japan, a guitarist, songwriter, producer. Picked up the guitar when he heard Ritchie Blackmore play “Smoke On The Water” on “Made In Japan”.

3. “Elevator Girl”. This song has been performed live for some time now and is a happy mix of brutal riffing and J-Pop.

4. “Shanti Shanti Shanti”. This is the Bollywood sounding track that they have performed lately. This could be a huge hit.

5. “Oh! Majinai” (featuring Joakim Brodén from Sabaton). I knew something could be going on here when Sabaton opened for Babymetal in Japan last year. I would expect this to be a Power Metal song, but it would be pretty interesting if they took another route.

6. “Brand New Day” (featuring Tim Henson and Scott LePage). Here we have a collaboration with a couple of guys from Dallas based band Polyphia.

7. “Night Night Burn!”. Interesting title.

8. “In The Name Of”. Instrumental. They opened their shows in 2018 with this track.

9. “Distortion” (featuring Alissa White-Gluz from Arch Enemy). Another high profile guest. This song has a video and I assume this might be an updated version. Or, we have listened to Alissa and not figured it out. We shall see.

10. “Pa Pa Ya!!” (featuring F.Hero). This song is a hit right now and it features a Thai rapper.

11. “Kagerou”. This song was performed last year and was known as “Taboo” at the time.

12. “Starlight”. There is a video for this song. Very catchy tune.

13. “Shine”. Hopefully, this is the epic ballad that they debuted onstage in Japan not long ago.

14. “Arkadia”. This is a fast Heavy Metal song, it was debuted live not long ago in Japan.

There are two more songs reported, no information on these right now but there will be several editions of this album. Also DVDs to go with live stuff on some versions. The EMP store in Europe has a few versions with Babymetal lipstick as a bonus.

The fact that we have high profile personalities from Sabaton and Arch Enemy is a huge bonus, a bold step and again they are adding credibility in a world that is still slightly hostile. I can see the editors of certain Metal publications (you know who you are, bastards!) go nuts over this. Now they have to pay attention.

Babymetal can not fail now. This is the album that will cement their career. A few more hits and they are up there where they belong all over the world.

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