Babymetal Glastonbury Festival shocker

Posted: May 29, 2019 in Babymetal, Classic Rock, General

The (sold out) Glastonbury Festival in the UK has gone public with the 2019 bill, and Babymetal is to perform at the Other Stage (said to be the best of the lot) on Sunday June 30. The amazing thing is that Babymetal are also performing a (second) night at the Yokohama Arena back home on June 29, so they will actually be resting on a flight on their way to the UK. Glastonbury Festival is a big deal. UK media, not least the BBC, will be all over it. In fact, when the BBC revealed the bill today, they showed a picture of Su-metal and Moametal to go with the story, taken at the Rob Halford collaboration at the APMAs in 2016. For UK fans, this is a shocker. No tickets available unless you pay up hard earned cash to shady figures. For Babymetal, it will put them in front of a huge audience that have never seen them before. The media exposure alone will be terrific. Of course they will play London on July 2 before heading back to Japan for more arena shows.

Well, they are obviously ready to work hard for top exposure. Got to love that.

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