Whitesnake 1981 (Purple Club Poster)

Posted: April 29, 2019 in Classic Rock, Cool stuff, Deep Purple Family, General

When I moved recently, I located great stuff that had been tucked away for years. This Whitesnake poster of mine, published in 1981 when I was running the DEEP PURPLE FREAK SOCIETY club, popped up. It was good to see it again. The photographs were taken by Hasse Ivarsson and Patrik Hökby (years later in 2000, when I had the DEEP PURPLE FOREVER club, I printed loads of shots from this day in issue 27 of that magazine as well along with a fresh David Coverdale interview). But back in 1981, as Whitesnake visited Sweden and Stockholm for the first time, I was invited to partake in a press thing with the entire band (Jon Lord & David Coverdale interviews can be found on this blog) at Mosebacke Pub on May 7 and then we saw them at the Göta Lejon Theater that night. When Whitesnake returned to Sweden in January 1983 I did hand one of these posters over to David as I catched him briefly at the hotel. Who knows what happened to it, if he kept it or if he tossed it away? Whitesnake had certainly changed by then. I guess I should be selling some of the old stuff, but it will have to wait until things are in order around here.

I will have one of these posters framed now. Good memories for sure.

(My image of said poster)

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