Talk of the day (Sabaton, Babymetal, Whitesnake)

Posted: April 23, 2019 in Babymetal, Classic Rock, Deep Purple Family, Talk of the day


Sabaton is back in the news. They are set to release a brand new album called “The Great War” on July 19. This will be released in several different versions (I see a rare blue Vinyl is planned for Sweden through Ginza). Meanwhile, and this is huge, they have just put out a new song/video called “Bismarck” on YouTube, a collaboration (the video that is) with World of Warships. The video is brilliant and the interest is sky high. I suggest you check it out.


More dates have been released from the Babymetal camp. They will play at The Brixton O2 Academy in London on July 2, a gig squeezed in between two Japanese dates so it is probably a promotional trip to do some press in Europe. They have also announced that they will perform at the Aftershock Festival in Sacramento (still in California) on October 13, two days after the headline show at The Forum in Inglewood (see earlier post). Looks like they are dropping news almost on a daily basis now, to get a buzz going.


Whitesnake are doing well in the States. The US Tour is rolling and the band is doing a good job. They are concentrating the set around three albums, “Slide It In”, “1987” and “Flesh & Blood” (to be released in May). David is slightly more static than before, but at 67 and having undergone knee surgery not too long ago, I do not blame him. I think Whitesnake are far better in 2019 than we have any reason to expect. He truly is the last Rock Star. The Roger Moore of Classic Rock.

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