Talk of the day (PAL, Black Sabbath, Babymetal)

Posted: April 15, 2019 in Babymetal, Classic Rock, Deep Purple Family, General, Talk of the day


The 1976 PAL (Paice Ashton Lord) album “Malice In Wonderland” is set for re-release on the earMusic label in Europe on May 17. It will get the gatefold sleeve treatment as well, which is a good thing. Loads of goodies on this one including stuff that was intended for the second (aborted) album.


I find it interesting that Tony Iommi is re-mixing the “Forbidden” album, the last Black Sabbath album before the Ozzy reunion. It felt like a bit of a disaster back in the day, it really was the only Tony Martin album I never could quite enjoy. I guess Iommi intends to give it a well deserved boost.


Rumours are in full swing that Babymetal will release a song called “Elevator Girl” on May 10, but this has yet to be confirmed. They did perform this song live last year. We shall see.

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