Did the EU just effectively kill this blog?

Posted: March 27, 2019 in About this blog, General

Wow. They did it. The EU passed the highly controversial Articles 11 & 13 and it is to be implemented in 2021. Looks like the Fair Use concept is pretty much over with to me. Now, each country in the EU will have their own version of this but as things stand it is going to be difficult to blog when the fun goes out of it. If copyrighted material includes all images, including magazine & book covers, CD & LP covers, DVD/bluray covers etc etc, this is going to have a tremendous impact. Certainly on this blog. Then you have some sort of link tax on top of that. I will have to look at where all this will land, but this could well mean that I will eventually have to rethink this blog completely and remove loads of blog posts. I will still have a lot of original content and I can still blog about stuff without showing images, but I think it will never be as fun again when or if that happens. This will also have a major impact on YouTube, facebook etc etc. Not so much for me personally, but for millions of users. This will not go down well.

I have had thoughts about publishing a book or two with the best stuff from this blog. This makes this even more likely to happen now. In the long run, some day, this blog will certainly be gone. I would like to see some of the stuff survive just for fun really. More on this later.

In the meantime, expect changes to creep in, at least I have some ideas on how to move forward.

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