Fox Day Countdown

Posted: March 24, 2019 in About this blog, Babymetal, Classic Rock, General, My countryside dream

March is coming to a close (one more week to go) and then we have Fox Day, the big day in the magical universe of Babymetal that occures on April 1. This means that they will announce something, whatever that may be. And this year fans have every right to be excited. Do we have a new studio album coming up? New line-up? DVDs? Tours? All of the above? I hope that the key musicians will still be there, like guitarist Takayoshi Ohmura, drummer Aoyama Hideki and bass player Boh. The big question is of course if they have recruited a third girl, if they have actually replaced Yuimetal. The girl that did a few shows in December last year in Singapore and Australia, Saya, seems to have recently joined another outfit. I kind of hope that Su-metal and Moametal will be joined by a third girl though, the concept of the trio is so strong, it really should be cultivated to meet expectations. Having said that though, Babymetal will always come up with surprises.

Well, I think we have reason to be optimistic, and I have to say that I look forward a great deal to this date. Also, by chance, it is the day that I no longer have the old place in the city, meaning that I will officially be living in my new place on the countryside from then on. It has been a long journey, but now it is here. So I guess Fox Day will always remind me of this big move as well, this change in my life. How about that?

I have a hunch that 2019 is going to be a good year.

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