Death! Death! Death!

Posted: November 8, 2018 in Babymetal, Books, Classic Rock, Comics, Cool stuff, General

Just finished reading the Babymetal Graphic Novel “Apocrypha – The Legend of Babymetal” (Z2 Comics) and for friends of Marvel and DC this is great stuff. Good versus evil all the way. You have Gods, heroines and a story that begins in 1640 and ends today. You have your Babymetal lore but all in all (spoiler alert!), Babymetal themselves is not to be seen in this book, just a spread of good people (rockers) attending a rock concert (meaning: Babymetal are the carriers of light) towards the very end of the book. Fans of comics will love this. Kobametal is a bit of a genius, we all know that. Letting artist GMB Chomichuk loose on this mythology is exactly what they need to pull this off. The Kawaii (cute) part is not there, this is crazy stuff on a level that only Babymetal can get away with. And it is absolutely great.

Babymetal is anything but predictable – that is a strength that will serve them well.


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