Metal history

Posted: October 29, 2018 in Babymetal, Classic Rock, General

Pretty big moment yesterday at the Saitama Super Arena (in Japan) as Babymetal held court alongside (openers) Sabaton and Galactic Empire. In fact, the frontmen of Sabaton and Galactic Empire joined Babymetal on stage for “Meta Taro” (clips exists on YouTube), and they even got the mythology treatment in the shape of a rather wonderful graphic introduction on the big screens (if you know what Babymetal is all about, you will know what I mean). It is obvious that the Dark Night Carnival was a success, perhaps this was the first Carnival of many to come (?) – it is a splendid idea after all. Five dancers backing up Su-metal and Moametal, and they were introduced as the Chosen Seven.

On a sidenote, it is interesting to know that Su-metal did her first appearance at this venue (Saitama Super Arena) with the Karen Girl´s in 2008 and that Babymetal has performed there on several occations since. The “Road Of Resistance” video was shot there in 2015. This is obviously holy ground for fans of Babymetal. Also, the Babymetal comic “Apocrypha…” has been released, I have just ordered my copy.

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