30 years ago

Posted: June 2, 2018 in Classic Rock, Deep Purple Family, General

It was the live album that lost them the American market. Deep Purple released “Nobody´s Perfect” 30 years ago this month and it failed to stand tall in a big way (sold well in some territories, but still). You even have to wonder about the very title, almost apologetic in nature. Still, it got them out of the record deal they had at the time and so they could move on. This version of “Child In Time” begins in Phoenix, Arizona and ends in Oslo (Norway), not exactly the kind of authenticity Purple fans have come to expect. They re-recorded “Hush” for this release and made a video for it which was OK, but all in all most people thought it was a weak copy of “Made In Japan” and so the big buzz of the 1984 reunion fizzled out. From now on they would compete on more even ground and the rock scene had moved on to more exciting things. It was not too long after the release of this album that they fired singer Ian Gillan, which did not help. The late 1980s was a low for Deep Purple and it could have been a high.

The sad thing here is that they actually did some really good shows during this period but these were not captured on film nor was one of the great gigs put out as an official release. “Nobody´s Perfect” stands as a failure in this regard. So much effort spent for so little. Years later this lineup would release “Come Hell Or High Water” (recorded on the 1993 tour), and it was all there. All the magic that was just missing on this 1988 release. Still, it is all part of the history of a very wonderful band and nobody can be on top of their game at all times because, well… nobody´s perfect…

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